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Mansory presents a new version of its successful refinement program for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class named the Gronos at the Geneva Autosalon 2016. Gronos facelift is based on the AMG G 63 and it brings new carbon aerodynamic enhancements. Other modifications include performance boost to 840 hp, distinctive alloy wheels 22 inches XXL format. The specifications of the tuning program are-


The main highlight of the body kit customization is the significantly wider fenders. With the new extensions and side skirts, the G model expands by 40 millimeters at the edges. The carbon specialists at Mansory have also worked on the front and rear. The series bumper has been replaced by the off-road front bumper with underride protection. A customized carbon bumper has been placed instead on the rear bumper. All the aerodynamic components are made up of ultra-light and high-quality carbon. The G model gets its unique appearance from the new headlights which are the core of the Mansory light elements design. Along with beautifully designed front lights, clever solutions like indicator lights have also been added. The roof of the vehicle has four additional lights mounted on the roof which help in protection against stone chips and dirt.


Mansory along with visual enhancements has also worked on the power. The AMG 8 cylinder twin turbo has been reworked. The ECU, turbochargers, sports air filter and the newly designed exhaust system help in achieving outstanding performance data. Gronos facelift has achieved an impressive 840 hp (618 kW), while the maximum torque is raised to 1.150 Nm.


The modified Mercedes-Benz G-Class is fitted with 23-inch MANSORY alloy wheels which ensure excellent contact with the road. The charcoal-grey mono-block cast wheel with “SPIDER” designation comes equipped with tyres sized 305/35R23. Mansory also offers wheel designs like the monobloc-rim M8 in 22 a 23inch.


The dashboard and the center console area have been redesigned. The G-class interiors have been fitted with a lot of carbon fiber components and leather. Mansory uses the best, flawless leather and highest quality Alcantara.

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