BMW X5, X6, X4 and X3 Diesel AC Schnitzer Sound Module

New Product release by RamSpeed and AC Scnitzer for BMW X5 X6 X4 – AC Schnitzer Diesel Sound Module.

The new AC Schnitzer sound module set for diesel variants of BMW X3 and X4 models is now available from RamSpeed. The product consists of a stainless-steel silencer with 2 “Sport” tailpipes in the right and left hand side. Now, for the first time, the diesel sound module is also available with the tailpipes in Sport Black (option).


The sound module for the BMW X5 and X6 models consists of a twin silencer specially developed for these models, with the famous AC Schnitzer “Racing” tailpipes again for both the right and left side.


The exciting thing about this product is the ability to of the AC Schnitzer sound module, to choose between seven (6 + standard) different exhaust notes. All by the flick of a button! These sound types are selected via the remote control provided with the package and make the X-series BMW models sound great even at very low revs.


To supplement the AC Schnitzer High Performance stainless steel mufflers with the different tailpipe variants, the new diesel sound modules offer a sporting and effective overall exhaust note package – especially when combined with an AC Schnitzer engine performance upgrade. Now sporting looks and a deeper, sportier note are always part of the upgrade – not only on petrol versions!


Please call our RamSpeed team for all of your BMW and AC Schnitzer upgrades.

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