ABT Upgrades The Skoda Kodiaq RamSpeed

ABT just upgraded the Skoda Kodiaq and the experts that the output seems pretty good. With a huge number of modifications performed, ABT has totally transformed the Skoda Kodiaq. Here’s what they have come up with.

Interior: The interior is carefully designed with selected materials. The most highlighted of all is the ABT integrated entrance lights. This is a set of 2 LED lights with ABT logo for front and passenger door. The door sills are a welcome sight.

Wheels: Wheels were made in consideration with keeping it to the motorsport quality which can be used for normal usage and roads as well. ABT has installed high-performance rims paired with ABT sports wheels to the Skoda Kodiaq which is already a classic among 5-spoke sports rims. The look as good as they perform. The cast ABT DR, ABT ER-C, ABT-FR, ABT DR-C, ABT-GR. for the Skoda Kodiaq is available in 20 and 18-19inches respectively. They are available in gunmetal/diamond machined, silver bullet, or mystic black color. ABT aluminum wheels provide for elegance and dynamism and are made to perform for whatever usage type you can think up of.

Engine: Be it an optimization of the electronic engine management, turbochargers or compressor retrofitting – performance increases are what ABT does best paired with the overall stability of the vehicle. Be it petrol or diesel engine, the electronic management system by ABT takes care of creating and handling all critical data for the ultimate optimization function of the vehicle.


2,0 TDI 140 kW (190 HP), 400 Nm to approx. 158 kW (215 HP), 440 Nm

Exhaust: A better performance in the same exhaust emission category. A better performance does not necessarily mean higher CO2 emissions. At least not with ABT. While a serial model of the latest engine generation emits 0.9 to 1.0 g/hp, using ABT Power and ABT Power S reduces this level to down to 0.7 g/hp. So, the HP-based CO2 emissions are lowered by up to 30 percent. A better performance, but no higher CO2 emissions. And the previous exhaust emission category still applies.

In search for superior tuning and vehicle enhancement options for your Skoda? Look no further!

While a decision to purchase Skoda may have been based on price, the fact remains that Skoda has adopted a lot of the VW DNA in its design and mechanical componentry. Whether driving Octavia or Superb, the performance, styling and driving enhancement potential is available by selecting correct upgrades suitable for your special car.

RamSpeed has a wide range of upgrades for Skoda in all departments. If you do not find what you like in ABT range, feel free to check out our other Skoda upgrades for your wheels, exhaust and Power Enhancements, particularly popular on turbo diesel and turbo petrol engines.

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