BMW F80 M3 Competition Upgrade by RamSpeed

The latest generation BMW M3 F80 Competition is not a slouch and anyone attempting to improve on what many would consider a pinnacle of BMW ‘Pure Driving Pleasure’ should consider their options very carefully. I mean, it’s easy to add ‘stuff’ on, but how do you actually improve or better still, make the overall package tastefully individual? – Answer? – RamSpeed Custom Performance & Enhancement package, based on customer’s very specific set of requirements.

After analysing proven performers from well know German BMW Tuning houses like AC Schnitzer, our customer wanted to push the envelope a little further. To start, the standard BMW package already contained Carbon Roof, so the request to extend on the theme included aggressive front lip splitter / spoiler, custom rear carbon diffuser and a carbon boot spoiler to match.

Next, the exhaust. Standard F80 M3 exhaust is a work of art, but lacks the more aggressive sound note and dynamic deceleration characteristics our customer was looking for (downshift pop enhancement). To achieve the desired outcome, yet keeping the vehicle above the law, a sports catalytic converter – back exhaust incorporating valvetronic exhaust system (as found on the original BMW exhaust system) was incorporated into the program. (+18Kw minus 8kg’s = 😊)

Standard Rear exhaust before replacement.

Next, More Power of course!. So a complete high flow sports catalytic converter / downpipe and a KraftWerk ECU Tune pushed the beast from the “mild” to Wild! – How wild? – Well considering this is our entry level package and the fact that the standard 317 kW M TwinPower Turbo straight 6-cylinder petrol engine offers spontaneous performance across the entire rev range, the new KraftWerk ECU tune added additional 73Kw to the top end and another 130 Nm of engine torque! – With exhaust and intake tweaks, the top end power exceeds 400 kW of insanity which breaks the 4 second 0-100 barrier with remarkable ease. (BMW quotes 4.1 Sec as standard)

Finally, the package was all wrapped up in a very special Blue vinyl wrap, this however, we left to experts as the tight angles required experienced hands to execute correctly and with the highest degree of quality and care. Vinyl wrap jobs are certainly not for any old sign writer and we think this job turned out as good as it possibly could get. Kudos to the vinyl wrappers and their team.

Whether looking at enhancing you BMW or other European vehicle, please give us a call. We are Australia’s most known, Euro-only performance and enhancement company. Since 2008 we have performed hundreds of high end conversions with various BMW models and executed most difficult projects with Wide Body conversions, Supercharging, tasteful performance and enhancements to wheels, Carbon, Exhaust and any other worth-while packages to fulfil your personal and individual vehicle look and power requirements. Call RamSpeed Now.

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