Hamann Modification Program For BMW M5 F10 RamSpeed

Hamann Motorsport is a German car tuning company based in Laupheim. It specializes in all the exclusive luxury cars. The company was founded only to work with cars made in Germany, specifically BMW.

With the introduction of M5, Hamann has surpassed the performance and designing ideas for luxury cars. Hamann has developed the finest aerodynamics and performance options for BMW M5 F10.

Engine and performance

Hamann BMW are known for its amazing performance and excellence. It offers smooth and ultimate modification for BMW M5 F10. The eight-cylinder engine in the M5 currently is the strongest standard BMW engine and delivers 412 Kw OR 560 hp. In this car, power is advanced by 90 hp and the maximum torque is increased from 680 to 850 Nm at 1850 rpm. This transforms BMW M5 tuning version to a super sports limousine.

  1. Power advancement module by plugin system:
  • Performance: 650 hp/478 Kw at 6000-7000 rpm
  • torque: 850 Nm at 1500-5750 rpm
  1. Electronic power advancement through optimized curve map:
  • Performance: 610 hp/449 kW at 6000 rpm
  • torque: 780 Nm at 1500-5650 rpm



If you are looking for the highest quality sound elements and a perfect fit, then Hamann has the expertise in it completely.  The stainless-steel exhaust system is fantastic and makes your car go smooth. The Sports Rear Muffler 4 tailpipes gives a comprehensive luxurious and sporty look to your BMW M5 F10.



The best part about BMW M5 F10 is its superclass aerodynamics. Amazing shape and design of the individual aerodynamics are the fundamentals of the vehicle. Here are the options provided by Hamann:

  • Front Spoiler
  • Side Sills
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Rear Diffuser
  • Roof Spoiler

Wheels and Tires

Hamann BMW M5 F10 has finest wheels you desire for. It offers an amazing experience on the roads. These wheels are made exclusively for BMW.

  1. Forged Wheels
  • Unique Forged Formula
  • Edition Race Anodized
  • Professional
  1. MonoBlock Wheels
  • Anniversary Evo Black Line
  • Anniversary Evo Silver

Suspension and Brake system

Hamann has the best suspension solution for BMW M5 F10.  There are 4 progressive springs to reduce the height of the vehicle.

Carbon Exterior

Hamann has left no stone unturned to make BMW X6M E71 a classic car. The carbon exteriors of the car are simply breathtaking and adds a class to the vehicle. It includes:

  • Rear Spoiler in clear coated carbon black.
  • Rear Spoiler in clear coated carbon black checkered flag.
  • Rear Diffuser for BMW M5 F10 in carbon black.
  • Rear Diffuser for BMW M5 F10 in carbon black checkered flag.
  • Mirror covers in clear-coated carbon black.
  • Mirror covers in clear-coated carbon black checkered flag.
  • Side Indicator covers.
  • Rear Diffuser Mission in clear coated carbon black.
  • Rear Diffuser Mission in clear coated carbon black checkered flag.
  • Rear Diffuser Mission in clear coated carbon checkered flag.

Personalized tuning accessories: 

This program has a wide body kit that increases width of the front fender flares. To make your driving more fun and special, you have the choice to further modify your BMW X6M E71 with:

  • Pedals in silver anodized aluminum
  • Pedals in black anodized aluminum
  • Foot rest in silver anodized aluminum
  • Foot rest in black anodized aluminum
  • Exclusive Floor Mat set
  • Bonnet Emblem
  • Trunk Lid emblem in black with Hamann logo in silver
  • Aluminum pedals
  • Pedals for BMW in black anodized aluminum
  • LED floor entry illumination with Hamann logo


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