ABT Sportsline Enhancement program for Audi RS6 2014 RamSpeed

If you are always looking for the best modified versions of Audi, then ABT Sportsline is your answer. It majorly deals in Audi and all the big brands of Volkswagen. It offers engine power upgrades, lightweight wheels, aerodynamic components and more. The enhancement of Audi RS6 2014 is a wonderful example of ABT Sportsline great work.


It is only because of decade long experience of ABT POWER S in motor sports that ABT Audi RS6 2014 has become an extremely dynamic car. With 700 hp (515 kW) engine, this car has a 25% better performance. The top speed can be 320 kph depending upon the Vmax uprating. The highlight of all this is innovative ABT engine control unit, the ABT exhaust system and slight engine management modifications. The maximum torque of the engine is increased to 880 Nm. It can speed up to 100 kph in just 3.4 seconds.


The ABT team offers the best solutions for aerodynamics. The designers, engineers, technicians and model makers work together from the blueprints and models to prototype and part production which includes TÜV approval. This result well overall. A fully self-developed tuning program is created for Audi RS6 2014 which turns the car into a fascinating and dynamic one.


Wheels are the heart and soul of a car. A car loses its worth in the absence of amazing wheels. ABT Sportsline keep this in mind and creates amazing and smoothly driven wheels.  These are:


The new ABT SPORT GR Wheel are athletic and distinctive. Available as a gloss black version with a diamond-polished rim lip or in matt black with completely diamond-polished surfaces, the SPORT GR gives your car an impressive look. For Audi RS6 2014, it  is available in 22″ inch.


Elegant and refined to the smallest detail, this wheel is controlling and outstanding. The FR is the latest version of ABT Sportline’s classic five-spoke design. It is made from fine materials and available in 20, 21 and 22 inch. 


The latest ABT high-performance rim, it has an impressive appearance. It is a perfect combination of superior and exceptional experience. For the Audi RS6 2014, it is available in 20 inches.


It is probably the most extraordinary sport wheel with optimized weight and a revolutionary design. It is the first ABT design which has a machine-relieved rim well along with a gun-metal look. For the Audi RS6 2014, it is available in 22 inches.


Your Audi RS6 2014 will have a better engine performance only if it has the correct suspension. The ABT Sportsline has created a revolutionary innovation along with fully developed sport suspension. The Audi RS6 2014 can be lowered by up to 20 mm with ABT suspension springs. For a dynamic look and a more stable road ability, it offers excellent handling and individually geared parts. Each component is enduringly tested on test and race tracks or test benches before it reaches you.

Exhaust system

The exhaust system is a perfect example of visual and sound treat. It is created after a lot of development work. The double-wall stainless steel structure makes ABT rear silencers perform very well indeed. it offers improved sound and a powerful look. The best part is that all the ABT rear silencers have an EC type approval.

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Looking for a focused Volkswagen / VW and Audi tuning and vehicle enhancement options with quality to match? ABT Sportsline focuses on VAG cars only and as such, they have developed deep understanding of the VW / Audi brand and the customer expectations. Whether you are looking for even more safe and reliable power out of your VW Golf R or an Audi Q5 TDI or wish to add a touch of individual design on your entry level VW Polo, ABT Germany has all of the goods to deliver upon your expectations.

Their portfolio of products extends across all the key enhancement categories. This includes:

Engine Performance Enhancement and Power Delivery options (plug & play)

Sports alloy wheels with signature ABT Forged ER-F design

Suspension upgrades including shock, lowered springs and coil over options

Sport Exhaust alternatives to boost sound and performance

Interior upgrades from Carbon to Steering wheel and exclusive leather treatments

If you do not find exactly what you are looking for, please check out our great VW and Audi enhancement alternatives in both the in-house designs and quality European manufacturers. Our expertise in European vehicle performance and enhancement programs extends across all the VAG vehicles, including:

VW Up                                                  Audi A1 – TSi

VW Polo                                               Audi A3

VW Golf                                               Audi A4 with all variants incl Quattro, TFsi and Tdi engines

VW Beetle                                          Audi A5

VW Scirocco                                       Audi A6

VW Touran                                         Audi A7 with the 3.0 Tdi easily adding additional 30% torque

VW Tiguan                                          Audi A8 the flagship of Audi range

VW Eos                                                 Audi Q2 All models

VW Passat                                           Audi Q3 All model

VW Sharan                                          Audi Q5 including SQ5 TFsi and Tdi turbo engines

VW Touareg                                       Audi Q7 3.0 Tdi, 4.2 Tdi and TFSi engines

VW Bus                                                Audi TT Manual, Automatic, DSG, 2.0 TFsi and TDi

VW Phaeton                                      Audi R8 V89 and V10 DSG, Manual and RTronic

VW Amaro

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