Brabus Mercedes Viano/V Class W447 Upgrades from RamSpeed

The Germany based tuning company Brabus is headquartered in Bottrop. Recently it has modified the Mercedes Viano/V Class W447 with the best skills and excellence. The engine, power upgrades, aerodynamic components and lightweight wheels are all custom arranged for the luxury car. Here are the specs in details:

Brabus Body Kit

Brabus works determinedly on their aerodynamics designs to produce the best and ultra-light body harmonizing with great strength. Right there from the first blueprints and models to prototype and manufacture, everything is done with extreme care. It offers a self-developed enhancement program which converts your Mercedes Viano/V Class W447 into a dynamic sports car. The exterior includes:

  • Front skirt
  • Side skirts
  • Rear skirt
  • Fender flares
  • Brabus logo for tailgate
  • Brabus logo for the side of the car 
  • Brabus Wheels and Tires

Brabus Wheels

The Brabus wheels and suspension add an elegant look to the Mercedes Viano/V Class W447. With plentiful options to select from in relation to the suitable tire size.

Monoblock A Six Spoke Design silver painted “high gloss”

  • 8J x 18 H2 offset 51 (For tire size: 245/45 R 18-XL (ABE)
  • 8J x 18 H2 offset 42 (For tire size: 245/45 R 18-XL**) 

Monoblock S Double Spoke design silver polished

  • 8J x 18 H2 offset 47 / 55 (For tire size: 245/45 R 18-XL*)

Monoblock Q double-spoke design anthracite “Titanium” polished

  • 8.5J x 18 H2 offset 50 (For tire size: 245/45 R 18-XL* or 255/45 R 18-XL**)

Monoblock F cross spoke design, “Liquid Titanium” painted

  • 8.5J x 18 H2 offset 50 (For tire size: 255/45 R 18), for vehicle with max. axle load 1700 kg
  • 8.5J x 18 H2 offset 50 (For tire size: 245/45 R 18), for vehicle with max. axle load 1600 kg
  • 8.5J x 19 H2 offset 50 (For tire size: 245/40 R 19-XL* or 255/40 R 19-XL**)

BRABUS Monoblock R 5-double-spoke-design anthracite “Liquid Titanium smoked” polished

  • 8.5J x 18 H2 offset 50 (For tire size: 245/45 R 18-XL* or 255/45 R 18-XL**)
  • 8.5J x 19 H2 offset 50 (For tire size: 245/40 R 19-XL* or 255/45 R 18-XL**)

Brabus Monoblock R “RED / BLACK” five-double spoke design special edition black glossy with red decorative elements.

  • 8.5J x 19 H2 Offset 50 (For tire size: 245/40 R 19-XL* or 255/45 R 18-XL**) with maximum axle load front 1.500 kg

Brabus offers wheel accessories to enhance the smoothness and beautification of your Mercedes Viano/V Class W447.

  • Brabus aluminium hubcap set
  • wheel locks
  • BRABUS valve caps 

Brabus Suspension System

BRABUS sports springs V 639

  • Comfortable setting
  • consisting of 2 sports springs front and 2 connecting rods rear
  • For Viano / Vito with air suspension! Only for vehicles up to 08/2010! 

Brabus Exhaust System

  • BRABUS sports exhaust Viano Complete stainless steel, with 2 slanted pipes
  • BRABUS adapter package for short overhang
  • BRABUS adapter package for long overhang

Brabus Interior Enhancement

  • BRABUS doorlock pins
  • BRABUS illuminated entrance panels
  • BRABUS sports steering wheel
  • BRABUS aluminium pedal pads
  • BRABUS aluminium pedal pads
  • Steering wheel wreath in leather/alcantara *
  • Steering wheel wreath AMG-version in leather/alcantara *
  • Addition charge for design layout pattern differing from series *
  • Steering wheel back in leather/alcantara *
  • Table surfaces walnut-design
  • BRABUS fine leather / alcantara trim W 639
  • Gearshift lever incl. gearshift lever bag in leather/alcantara *
  • Tailgate in leather/alcantara *
  • 2 door panels in leather/alcantara *
  • 2 slide doors in leather/alcantara *
  • 2 frontseat covers in leather/alcantara *
  • Floormats front/rear

Brabus Performance

PowerXtra Diesel Engines

With the state-of-the-art performance kits (PowerXtra) by Brabus, you can enjoy a super amazing power with maximum torque in your Mercedes Viano/V Class W447. Here are the options provided by Brabus:

BRABUS ECO PowerXtra kit D3 (IV)

  • Basis Viano 2.2 CDI / Vito 116 CDI
  • +30 PS; 142 kW / 193 PS; max. Drehmoment 420 Nm
  • For vehicles with engine OM 651! Not for 4-matic!

 BRABUS ECO PowerXtra D6 (III)

  • Base Viano 3.0 CDI / Vito 120 CDI
  • +38 hp; 178 kW / 242 hp;
  • torque 500 Nm
  • for vehicles with standard 150 kW!


  • Base Viano 3.0 CDI / Vito 122 CDI
  • +41 hp; 195 kW / 265 hp;
  • torque 500 Nm
  • For vehicles with EURO 5!

Increased-displacement engines:

  • Brabus break-in service
  • Brabus increased-displacement 3.8 S
  • Brabus increased-displacement 4.4 V6
  • Brabus increased-displacement 3.8
  • Brabus increased-displacement 4.0

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Considering other options?, perhaps some of the Brabus components suit while you prefer to have an original Mercedes look in other areas of your car? – Not a problem, at RamSpeed we work with you to taylor make your perfect car.

For Viano/V Class W447, both the AMG variant like the GT/S C190 and the more sedate variety like the W447 we have a number of options to suit your individual style and budget. We work with many reputable German auto manufacturers which provide many interesting performance and body enhancement option like a well renowned Mercedes tuner Carlsson, Engine performance from KraftWerk and our many own exhaust system alternatives from RamSpeed Exhaust

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