Supercharged Audi R8 V8 Manual by RamSpeed Australia

We are off to a good start in 2018 with a delivery of a brand new supercharged power upgrade for the well-known Audi V8 owner. We’ve looked after this vehicle for the past 3 years with initial supply of custom forged RamSpeed wheels, R8 sports exhaust system then some cosmetic touches in a form of painted brake callipers with Audi R8 emblems imbedded in a shiny new, baked paint job and now for the final crescendo a massive horsepower upgrade on the already quick Audi R8.

RamSpeed of course is not a stranger to power upgrades on the mighty 4.2l V8 Audi engine. We have previously done plenty of Audi R8 twin turbo upgrades and other exhaust and ECU remap mods, but this was out very first supercharged R8.

As can be seen, the installation is incredibly neat. The entire package was colour coded to the previously painted Audi brake callipers in a bright range colour specifically mixed for our customers’ requirements. The entire system pushes only 7 Psi boost and sounds incredible at back of the car when accelerating through the entire rev range. The ECU was re flashed with specific software for daily 98 RON fuel.  Additionally, all Audi speed limiters have been removed with KrafWerk ECU software update and the various belts and tensioners supplied and fitted. Unlike many of our C63 AMG Supercharger upgrades, the chargers’ snout is facing the cabin, so it looks relatively buried in the engine bay.

At the heart of the supercharger system is a cast aluminium intake manifold and an Eaton M90 supercharger. This roots type positive displacement supercharger delivers immediate and seemingly in definitive boost and delivery of power throughout the RPM range. Eaton superchargers are used as OEM equipment on vehicles like Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin, and Jaguar.  The addition of forced induction we enhanced fuel delivery to ensure the correct air/fuel ratio for performance and engine safety. The system includes KraftWerk ECU recalibration and offers ultra-smooth drivability.  Our customers R8 performs perfectly in a wide variety of driving conditions ranging from daily commutes to severe track applications. Being a supercharger setup, it also runs a lot cooler than an equivalent turbo system which reduces intake air temperature for additional gains.

The R8 runs a conservative 7psi boost fed through an air/liquid intercooler system which is separate from the cars cooling system. Notwithstanding a standard R8 engine boast forged pistons for additional level of comfort. With a total of 3 heat exchangers, one in a front bumper and two inside the engine bay, this highly efficient system provides an increase of 30% over stock Kw’s and torque.

The supercharger system offers a power boost that instantly turns the R8 V8 into a Audi V10 eater.   The tacho moves through the RPM range at twice the speed of stock at boost. The Audi R8 supercharger system includes all parts needed for a perfect installation. The inlet manifold is also tapped to accommodate potential further upgrades with a possibility of a direct port water/methanol injection in the future.

What’s next? – Another customer looming on a Twin Supercharger upgrade on the R8 V8. – We’re ready for the challenge 😊

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