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BMW AC Schnitzer AC1 Wheels in 22 inch

By | 2017-06-11T12:42:30+00:00 October 9th, 2015|AC Schnitzer, Leading Tuning Companies, NEWS, Tuning News|

As the saying goes, all good things come in threes. And this is no exception when its comes to AC Schnitzer. This is in regards to their AC1 Wheels in 22 inch as shown below. New generation AC1 wheels now also in 22 inch Video on new AC1 wheels now ready ( The new AC Schnitzer Wheel Selector is online Ac Schnitzer, effective immediately, has produced these alloy wheels not just in the 22inch but also in the 18, 19 and 20 inch. New and available, is the 22inch wheel now available in BiColour and Anthracite. For these wheels, the widths have been altered slightly, these alterations are the 19 and 20 inch wheels are now available not only in 8.5J, but also in 9.5J and 10.0J. These alterations allow even more tyre combinations and sporting wheel options. The AC1 alloy wheel line fits the entire current BMW model range and many of its predecessor

BMW AC Schnitzer Exhaust Tail Trims

By | 2015-12-15T21:20:58+00:00 June 4th, 2014|AC Schnitzer, Leading Tuning Companies|

The rear silencers offered by AC Schnitzer are made from stainless steel with different chrome tailpipe options. Together with the performance upgrade options it will create a great sporty package for BMW enthusiasts. AC Schnitzer's exhaust upgrades are developed with the sound and sporty appearance in mind as it is the acoustic signature of the vehicle. The new exhaust products offered by AC Schnitzer include the polished and chromed exhaust tail trim made of stainless steel called the Racing Evo. This design has evolved from and now replaces the old Evo design. The unique design includes round tailpipes with a slash cut joined by an undulating cover. It is available as a visual solution and as a standalone tail pipe trim. Perfectly matched to the BMW F20/21, F22/23, F30/F31 and F32/F33 it provides the finishing touch to the AC Schnitzer exhaust silencers. AC Schnitzer exhaust products improve the dispersion of exhaust gases allowing the car

AC Schnitzer Facelift Program for BMW Z4 M Coupé E86 RamSpeed

By | 2017-06-11T12:41:57+00:00 April 6th, 2017|AC Schnitzer, Leading Tuning Companies|

Aachen-based tuning specialists, AC Schnitzer brings a facelift program for BMW Z4 M Coupé E86.  Specifications for the tuning program- Engines - Exhaust For enhanced driving dynamics, AC Schnitzer offers a modified rear axle ratio of 3.91: 1, which improves the acceleration. The sports silencers made up of stainless steel and chromed racing tailpipes improve the response behavior and give a sonorous note to the vehicle. M-86 is fitted with a twin sports silencer and twin racing system which further is a further option of sports trim design. M-vehicles are exclusively equipped with this design. Sports suspension For Z4 M Coupe’ E86, AC Schnitzer has developed a complete suspension concept consisting of sports suspensions and strut braces. Wheels Coming to wheels, Z4 M Coupe’ E86 includes the AC Schnitzer Type IV, Type III and Type II alloy and racing rims in one-piece and multipiece construction. Additionally, the German tuners offer the largest wheels for the

BMW ACS2 2 Series Suspension Upgrades AC Schnitzer RamSpeed

By | 2017-06-11T12:41:57+00:00 March 29th, 2017|AC Schnitzer, Leading Tuning Companies|

AC Schnitzer introduces extensive tuning program for BMW ACS2. The high-quality suspension components from AC Schnitzer enhance driving comfort, dynamics, and safety. All products of AC Schnitzer suspension components are approved by Manfred Wollgarten. The spring kits for the 2 series The AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit combines optimum lowering in conjunction, adapted residual spring travel, and simultaneous balancing of spring rates to offer a smooth and exciting driving experience. Description: Original AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit for front and rear axle Lowering of around 30 mm possible Thoroughly tested and optimized by suspension team under the supervision of Manfred Wollgarten Suitable for normal road use, driving courses, and track use Improved agility: By lowering the vehicle, AC Schnitzer lowers the center of gravity and brings a detectable improvement in driving dynamics and cornering behavior Suitable for a fiery driving style Increased safety: By changing the vehicle’s gravity, ACS2 brings higher safety reserves on load

BMW X5, X6, X4 and X3 Diesel AC Schnitzer Sound Module

By | 2017-06-11T12:42:01+00:00 March 2nd, 2017|AC Schnitzer, BMW, Leading Tuning Companies, Tuning News|

New Product release by RamSpeed and AC Scnitzer for BMW X5 X6 X4 - AC Schnitzer Diesel Sound Module. The new AC Schnitzer sound module set for diesel variants of BMW X3 and X4 models is now available from RamSpeed. The product consists of a stainless-steel silencer with 2 "Sport" tailpipes in the right and left hand side. Now, for the first time, the diesel sound module is also available with the tailpipes in Sport Black (option).   The sound module for the BMW X5 and X6 models consists of a twin silencer specially developed for these models, with the famous AC Schnitzer "Racing" tailpipes again for both the right and left side. The exciting thing about this product is the ability to of the AC Schnitzer sound module, to choose between seven (6 + standard) different exhaust notes. All by the flick of a button! These sound types are selected via the remote control

AC Schnitzer Carbon Aerdynamics for the BMW i8

By | 2017-06-11T12:42:02+00:00 March 1st, 2017|AC Schnitzer, Tuning News|

The most advanced BMW sports car gets further modified by the tuning specialists, AC Schnitzer. The Aachen-based tuning specialist will be launching the plug-in hybrid BMW i8 with new carbon aerodynamic components at the Geneva International Motor Show in March. With 25 mm lowering at the front and 20 mm at the rear, the i8 by AC Schnitzer ensures greater stability in all cornering situations. The BMW i8 being fitted with AC Schnitzer carbon front spoiler elements, carbon side skirts and carbon racing rear wing gives a smooth driving experience to both the powerful petrol engine and the hybrid electric motor. The carbon middle front spoiler, the carbon bonnet top, and the carbon front side wings further add to the sporting attributes of the BMW i8. An array of interior trim pieces including the aluminum pedal set, aluminum footrest and floor mats of velours has been added to highlight the sophisticated look of the i8

AC Schnitzer celebrates a special anniversary with the limited edition ACL2S special tuning range for the BMW M240i

By | 2017-06-11T12:42:02+00:00 February 26th, 2017|AC Schnitzer, Tuning News|

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, AC Schnitzer will give its fans the limited edition ACL2S special tuning range for the BMW M240i. The special tuning package will be launching at the upcoming 2017 Geneva Motor Show in March. AC Schnitzer has produced only 30 sets of the high-quality base conversion kit. The project kicks off with a performance upgrade with motorsport heritage, taking it from 250 kW/340 hp/500 Nm to a generous 294 kW/400 hp and 600 Nm. The Aachen-based tuning specialists give ACL2S an amazing voice with incredible silencer system made of V2A stainless steel, exhaust flap, connecting pipe and sound pipe. Additionally, AC Schnitzer has included its fully adjustable RS suspension kit, lowering the car as to the asphalt by approx. 35 - 45 mm at the front and approx. 40 - 50 mm at the rear. The adjustable suspension gives the customer the option to adjust height, compression, and rebound. The aero kit

BMW M3 by AC Schnitzer is the Fastest Saloon on the Sachsenring

By | 2017-06-11T12:42:02+00:00 February 14th, 2017|AC Schnitzer, Leading Tuning Companies|

With a lap time of 1:33.9 minutes, the M3 by AC Schnitzer has won the title of "Fastest Saloon on the Sachsenring". The tuning experts at AC Schnitzer have given the BMW M3 an energy boost using an additional ECU, which takes the power from 431 to 510 hp and torque from 550 to 645 Nm. The performance upgrade for the BMW M3 comes with a two-year warranty which can be extended optionally to three years. The AC Schnitzer suspension kits include a lowering spring kit which allows a lowering of 30 - 40 mm at the front and around 30 mm at the rear. The AC Schnitzer RS coilover suspension, specially developed for M3 perfectly matches to the wheel and tyre combination with forged alloys in 19 and 20-inch. TÜV-approved, M3 by AC Schnitzer is complete with carbon aerodynamic components and has all accessories complementing each other.  BMW M3 is the car that works

AC Schnitzer Tuning Program for BMW 5 Series G30 RamSpeed

By | 2017-06-11T12:42:02+00:00 February 5th, 2017|AC Schnitzer, Leading Tuning Companies|

The recently unveiled 2017 BMW 5 Series G30 is the latest high-end model of BMW, which will be coming with exceptional dynamics and efficiency. BMW G30 is expected to be launched in February next year in several versions. Each version will be packed with outstanding features, performances, and the most advanced technology onboard. AC Schnitzer is all set to create a real AC Schnitzer ACS5 from the 5-series, and is developing an extensive AC Schnitzer product range. Upgrades for BMW 5 Series G30 Once arrived in February, the G30 5 series will be available in the in the BMW 530i/BMW 530i xDrive, BMW 540i/BMW 540i xDrive, BMW 520d/BMW 520d xDrive, and BMW 530d/BMW 530d xDrive. There are high-end versions with impressive performance specifications that will follow starting March 2017: the BMW 530e iPerformance, BMW 520d Efficient Dynamics Edition, as well as the BMW M550i xDrive. The new tuning package boosts the car’s dynamics and driving capabilities

AC Schnitzer Performance Upgrades for BMW Z4 M Roadster E85 RamSpeed

By | 2017-06-11T12:42:04+00:00 January 6th, 2017|AC Schnitzer, Leading Tuning Companies|

The famous German tuners, AC Schnitzer brings a facelift program for Z4 M Roadster E85.  Specifications for the tuning program- Exhaust To improve the driving dynamics, AC Schnitzer offers a modified rear axle ratio of 3.91: 1. The sports silencer improves the response behavior and produces a more sonorous note than the standard system. Z4 M Roadster E85 is fitted with a twin sports silencer and a twin racing system. All the M-vehicles carry a unique sports trim design. Suspension The suspension technology for Z4 M Roadster E85 is developed by rigorous testing on race tracks and public roads. The vehicle is fitted with a special RS adjustable suspension. Wheels The suspension concept for Z4 M roadster includes the AC Schnitzer Type IV, Type III and Type II alloy and racing rims in one-piece and multipiece construction. AC Schnitzer offers an array of wheel and tyre combinations in 18" and 19". They also offer the