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Bentley GTC exterior program by Arden RamSpeed

By | 2017-06-11T12:42:10+00:00 November 10th, 2016|Arden, Leading Tuning Companies, Undefined|

German tuner, Arden has rolled out the new, more elegant and stylish Bentley GTC. After a successful tuning program of the luxury Bentley in 2009, now Arden has added upgrades to the exteriors of the British icon. Enhancements in the exterior of Bentley GTC The luxury Continental GTC has fully chromed stainless steel handmade radiator and front grille that gives it a majestic appearance. The upgraded package has replaced the existing plastic grille and armed the car with imperial quality and look that it deserves. To complete the perfect noble look, Arden is exclusively offering the Arden Zelem multipart Sport aluminum wheel rim for Bentley cars. This 10,5Jx21inch aluminum wheel rim has highly polished stainless steel bed. The forged wheel is exclusively produced for Arden in OEM quality. The complete set consists of Sport tires 295/30R21 that provide the necessary road grip. The German tuner has left the personalization opportunities open for the Bentley owners

Mansory wide body customization program for Bentley Continental GT / Speed RamSpeed

By | 2017-06-11T12:42:27+00:00 January 1st, 2016|Leading Tuning Companies, Mansory|

Mansory has designed a limited wide body customization program for Bentley Continental GT / Speed. The specifications of the program are- Aerodynamics Starting with body kit enhancements, Bentley Continental GT / Speed has been fitted with a new front spoiler integrated with LED daylight running lights, massive air intakes and striking carbon fiber elements. The front has large air intakes and carbon fiber elements which enhance the dynamic impression. The fenders and side skirts give the car a racy appearance. The redesigned rear trunk spoiler and the rear skirt incorporates the double quad chromium plated stainless steel exhaust system. The sports catalyzer and sports air filters give a unique and dominating sound to the Continental GT. Interiors Inside, Mansory has given the Continental GT finest leather interiors. It offers personalized decoration trim packages in varied materials and colors. The interiors are made of carbon fiber trim inserts, illuminated door sill protectors in stainless steel with

MANSORY Customizes the Bentley Continental GT RamSpeed

By | 2017-06-11T12:42:30+00:00 November 3rd, 2015|Leading Tuning Companies, Mansory|

Continental GT is already one of the most exclusive cars of Bentley. But Mansory has taken a step further and created a top-level customization program for the British GranTurismo, Bentley Continental GT. The specifications of the program are- Aerodynamics Mansory modified Continental GT has paid great emphasis on perfectly customized parts while maintaining the original sportiness and elegance of the car. All the details of the car are perfectly matched to each other, making it an absolute eye-catcher. A newly designed front apron with an extra light carbon fiber bonnet and proprietary daytime driving lights give the LE MANSORY II a significantly heftier look. The carbon fiber front wings and rear widening components reinforce this impression. The side sill sets, widen the car by 50 millimeters at the front axle and 60 millimeters at the rear axle. The new rear apron delivers additional down thrust, creating space for the exhaust pipes of the sonorous exhaust

Mansory customization program for Bentley GT Race RamSpeed

By | 2017-06-11T12:42:30+00:00 October 20th, 2015|Leading Tuning Companies, Mansory|

Mansory known for providing automotive masterpieces has released a new tuning program for the Bentley Continental GT - Bentley GT Race. Significant changes have been made to the exteriors, engine, and interiors which clearly support the sporting ambitions of the Coupe’. The specifications of the program are- Aerodynamics The body package of Bentley GT Race clearly depicts that Mansory has drawn inspiration from the world of motorsports. The design elements such as the ultra-light hood, carbon fiber, and daytime driving lights provide an increase in aerodynamics and weight optimization. The aerodynamic components by Mansory are made of an extremely high-quality material which they manufacture themselves. Bentley doors, side mirror housings, front and rear bumpers – all body components are created under high pressure and temperatures in an autoclave. This high-tech method reduces the weight of the car and improves the acceleration. The newly designed side skirts smoothen the airflow between both the axles. Interiors Interiors

Mansory Customization Program for Bentley Continental GT 2011 RamSpeed

By | 2017-06-11T12:43:12+00:00 August 23rd, 2014|Leading Tuning Companies, Mansory|

SANGUIS – MANSORY modifies the Bentley Continental GT as a luxury widebody with a superior and elegant interior. SANGUIS has focussed on the smallest details of the Continental GT while maintaining an elegant and sporty design. The specifications of the program are- Aerodynamics SANGUIS gets a heftier look with the newly designed front apron, daytime driving lights and an extra-light carbon fiber bonnet. The carbon fiber front wings and rear widening components add more strength to this impression. Along with the side sills sets, the Coupe’ is widened by 50 millimeters at the front axle and 60 millimeters at the rear axle. The near rear apron creates space for the exhaust pipes of the sonorous exhaust system. Interiors Inside, Mansory achieves a perfect blend of luxuriousness and sports functionality. Mansory uses finest materials to give Bentley owners ultimate comfort. The leather used in the interiors is extraordinarily soft and the characteristic natural product with its

Mansory Modifications for Bentley Bentayga RamSpeed

By | 2017-06-11T12:43:17+00:00 July 22nd, 2014|Leading Tuning Companies, Mansory|

Mansory knows what they’re doing when it comes to refining luxury vehicles. Recently, Mansory has released a new tuning program for all-terrain Bentley Bentayga. With the new modification program, Mansory has established themselves as a renowned tuner for sporting accessories and exciting bodywork design. The specifications of the program are- Aerodynamics Mansory brings in unparalleled experience in the tuning segment and a strong workforce of more than 200 highly qualified specialists. The Bavarian tuners offer a complete in-house re-work of the Bentayga’s aerodynamics. The result is a wide construction style combined with an improved vehicle silhouette with additional output for achieving enhanced speed. The nose of the Bentley Bentayga has been modified with a new apron, integrated front lip and additional LED daytime running lights. The front grille has also been improved with a carbon fiber facelift with the ultra-light carbon hood. On the flanks, Mansory extensions offer Bentayga a consistent design and a deeper

Mansory Customization Program for Bentley Continental GT/GTC Speed RamSpeed

By | 2017-06-11T12:43:36+00:00 January 11th, 2014|Leading Tuning Companies, Mansory|

The renowned Bavarian tuners, Mansory has released special customization program for Bentley Continental GT/GTC Speed. The specifications for the same are- Aerodynamics The exclusive Mansory aerodynamic components of Bentley Continental GT/GTC Speed set trends in quality and design. The chassis components are made up of PU-RIM and it perfectly integrates into the original design. The front and the rear apron forms a unit with side skirts. The mounted parts enhance the air flow over the car silhouette. The rear lip creates the extra down thrust which perfectly flows into the shape of the boot lid, ensuring constant traction. Interiors The interiors of Mansory modified Bentley Continental GT/GTC Speed are a perfect blend of sportive functionality and luxurious atmosphere. The newly designed airbag sports steering wheel, with its individual grain and stitching, makes an extravagant impression. The aluminum pedals and applications made of real carbon complete the Mansory interior program for the Bentley Continental GT Speed. Wheels

Mansory Modifications for Bentley Flying Spur 2014 RamSpeed

By | 2017-06-11T12:43:38+00:00 September 14th, 2013|Leading Tuning Companies, Mansory|

Mansory has released tuning program for Flying Spur 2014. The specifications for the same are - Aerodynamics Mansory displays its bodywork components for Flying Spur in chrome, brown and carbon look. The entire body kit components for Mansory Flying Spur 2014 is made from extremely strong, ultra-light material. Mansory creates high-quality carbon fiber in their own autoclave. The converted Flying Spur gets a modified bonnet, front apron with separately integrated LED’s and daytime running lights, side skirts, rear apron and rear spoiler. Interiors To match the lively dynamism of the three-tone exterior, Mansory has attained new standards of exclusivity and luxury in the interiors of the Flying Spur. The harmonious leather combinations in beige and blue tones represent the traditional class of Bentley. The individual components in carbon-look add the elegant touch to the interiors. Wheels Flying Spur 2014 is fitted with 22-inch light alloy wheels which guarantee elegance, safety, and dynamism in all driving conditions. These

Mansory Refinement Program for Bentley GTC model 2016 RamSpeed

By | 2017-06-11T12:43:42+00:00 May 2nd, 2013|Leading Tuning Companies, Mansory|

Mansory, the renowned tuning expert has released a refinement program for Cabriolet Bentley GTC in a brand-new chassis design at the IAA 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany. The specifications of the program are- Aerodynamics Mansory has not only revamped the appearance of Bentley GTC but also worked on the engine. Bentley GTC owners can increase their engine power to 1,001 HP by integrating a MANSORY turbo technology. In addition to power, Mansory has also reduced the weight of the vehicle. Every aerodynamic component is made up of carbon fiber and incorporated beautifully into the car. The new side skirts act as a visual link between the front and the rear wings. The rear spoiler has a powerful diffuser underneath and together with the rear spoiler it increases the car’s downforce. Mansory chassis design is an eye-catcher. The orange effect colored paintwork generates a unique depth effect. Power The power upgrades in for Bentley GTC model 2016

Mansory New Refinement Program for Bentley Flying Spur RamSpeed

By | 2017-06-11T12:49:32+00:00 June 6th, 2012|Leading Tuning Companies, Mansory|

Once again, the Bavarian tuners, Mansory have shown what they can do with their dedication and engineering expertise. Mansory has released a new refinement program for Bentley Flying Spur. The specifications for the same are- Aerodynamics The transformation is clearly visible from the carbon exteriors. The entire body of the Bentley Flying Spur is made up of extremely strong, ultra-light material. The exterior modifications include high standard bonnet, front apron with separated integrated LED’s and daytime running lights, side skirts, rear apron and rear spoiler. Engine Mansory has raised the performance level for Bentley Flying Spur. They have upgraded the power of the W13 engine by 120 PS to 745 PS (548 kW) with maximum torque of 950 Newton-meters at 2000 RPM. With the new exhaust system and optimized engine characteristics, the Flying Spur sprints from a standing start to 100 km/h in 4.0 seconds, and to 200 km/h in 14 seconds. Wheels Bentley Flying