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VW Golf VI TSI, Custom Painting of ABT SportsLine Front Grill & Installation of LED Lights

By | 2016-01-10T15:21:20+00:00 June 21st, 2012|2012/06 Jun, Daily Actions|

VW Golf Vi TSI in our RamSpeed workshop for repair of front bar and installation of ABT SportsLine LED lights. We custom painted and installed the ABT SportsLine front bumper and grill plus installed new ABT LED lights on this Golf.  

ABT Supercharged VW Golf R32 MK V For Sale

By | 2017-06-11T12:53:44+00:00 April 27th, 2012|Completed Projects, Volkswagen|

Supercharged Volkswagen Golf R32 MK V For Sale (All Upgrades Performed by RamSpeed) For More Info Contact Us On: 02 9620 9982 Model: 5 Door - MY07 R32 Golf Colour: United Grey Kilometres: ~ 68,000 KM's Price: $49,990 (open for offers) Specs & Modifications: Engine: ABT Sportsline Supercharger Kit with HPA Reinforced Clutch plate + HPA DSG software tune. Suspension & Handling: Haldex Generation 2 | Bilstein PSS9 Coilovers | Whiteline Suspension & handling parts including Sway bars, bushes, anti lift kit etc! Advan 235 tyres. Brakes: Brembo Red 6-Piston Calipers with Drilled Rotors | ADV.1 7 19" Matt Black Wheels. Exhaust: Capristo 3-stage multi-valve exhaust. Cosmetics: OSIR Matt Carbon Fiber Front Mask | Carbon Fibre Front Chin lip spoiler | Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler. Interior: S2TPP DSG paddles. LED lighting. Optional: Roof Racks.  

VW Golf R, H&R Sway Bars & ABT SportsLine Wheels

By | 2017-06-11T12:54:08+00:00 March 14th, 2012|2012/03 Mar, Daily Actions|

ABT SportsLine wheels and H&R sway bars for Volkswagen Golf R. Volkswagen Golf R with ABT SportsLine 19" wheels installed. Detailed view of ABT SportsLine 19" wheels installed on VW Golf R. H&R sway bars to be installed on Volkswagen Golf R. Detailed view of H&R rear sway bars installed on Volkswagen Golf R. Rear view of Volkswagen Golf R with H&R sway bars and 19" ABT wheels installed.

VW Golf R32, ABT SportsLine Supercharger

By | 2017-06-11T12:54:09+00:00 March 14th, 2012|Completed Projects, Volkswagen|

Volkswagen Golf R32 in for installation of ABT SportsLine supercharger, performance exhaust system and forged wheels. ABT SportsLine supercharger upgrade to 370 HP installed on Volkswagen Golf R32. BBK Big Brembo kit, front axle getting installed on Volkswagen Golf R32.   Forged wheels in 19", custom build on Volkswagen Golf R32. You can see the newly installed Brembo braking system in the background. Detailed view of 19" forged wheels with Yokohama tyres on VW Golf R32. Rear view of ABT supercharged VW Golf R32 with ADV1 wheels and full exhaust upgrade. ABT badge shown on Volkswagen Golf R32. Carbon fibre exterior accessories installed on Volkswagen Golf R32.

VW Golf R32 MK V, ABT SportsLine Supercharger Kit Installation

By | 2017-06-11T12:54:10+00:00 March 13th, 2012|Completed Projects, Volkswagen|

Adam J.F is a proud owner of a 2007 VW Golf R32, 2 door with DSG. Adam’s VW R32 ownership began back in the United Kingdom, where he lived and worked for a little while before coming back to Australia. The UK R32 was bought new in 2009 and was a Jan 09 R32 with Sunroof, Recarro, RN2510 Nav, DSG and NO MODIFICATIONS!?. Coming back to Australia Adam could not purchase a brand new R32 and ended up buying neat 2007 example in same black colour. Adam has owned the current Australian 2 door R32 for about 14 months now.”Over that period of time and while still under warranty I had both front dampers changed due to flex in the spring perch, whenever the suspension oscillated(bumpy roads) it made a clunking noise, the DSG was replaced because of audible clutch noise upon downshift, that was all done free of charge by VW Brookvale”, Adam

VW Golf R32 MK V, ABT Supercharger Kit “Power R” – Installation by Ramspeed

By | 2017-06-11T12:54:13+00:00 March 8th, 2012|Completed Projects, Volkswagen|

Sharing with everyone JayC's and Jig's MKV R32 ABT Supercharged and installed in completeness back in Dec 24, 2009. The first ever ABT Sportsline Water Cooled Supercharger Kit delivered to Australia for 2 x VW MKV R32 Customers based in Sydney. The ABT Sportsline Kit was delivered to Ramspeed Pty Ltd based in Seven Hills, NSW. The Cars and their owners: 1) 2008 United Grey VW MKV R32 DSG 5 Door, Driver “JayC” 2) 2008 United Grey VW MKV R32 DSG 3 Door, Driver “Jig” Core parts include Supercharger, Intercooler, DIA Cold Air Intake(BMC). ABT supercharger for VW Golf R32 MK V. ABT carbon fibre engine compartment cover. The Installation begins. Removal of Cold Air Intake on the right and preliminary re-wiring. Removal of the front bumper for easy access to the front when mounting the Intercooler and piping. Installation of the Supercharger, MAF for the Cold Air Intake.   Detailed view

VW Golf MK VI TSI, Full ABT Body Kit & Carbon Fibre Interior Wrap

By | 2017-06-11T12:54:15+00:00 March 2nd, 2012|ABT Sportsline, Completed Projects, Leading Tuning Companies, Volkswagen|

VW Golf Mk VI TSI with full ABT SportsLine body kit. Detailed view of ABT front bumper bar, grill and carbon fibre front spoiler installed on VW Golf MK VI TSI by RamSpeed in Sydney Rear view of VW Golf MK VI TSI with ABT SportsLine Quad exhaust system and ABT rear diffuser. Carbon fibre interior trim wrap for VW Golf MK VI TSI. Interior components removed from VW Golf MK VI TSI and custom modified with carbon fibre vinyl wrap. Carbon fibre wrap installed on gearbox cover for VW Golf MK VI TSI. Detailed view of VW Golf MK VI TSI customised with full carbon fibre vinyl wrap. Carbon fibre interior sticker installed on VW Golf MK VI TSI.

ABT Sportsline Outstanding Performance Program For Audi SQ5 2013 RamSpeed

By | 2017-06-11T12:41:49+00:00 June 7th, 2017|ABT Sportsline, Leading Tuning Companies|

A German tuning company ABT Sportsline mainly tunes Audi and primary Volkswagen Group brands. It modifies and accessorizes them by using sports-type suspensions, engine power upgrades, lightweight wheels, aerodynamic mechanisms and more. With its expertise, it has added a stylish look to your Audi SQ5 2013. Engine The ABT Sportsline Audi SQ5 2013 is an epitome of class and superior work. It offers 3.0 TDI in three variants. The ABT has transformed the original 313 hp (230 kW) to 360 hp (265 kW). The maximum torque is 700 Nm. The ABT has modified the 3l 326 hp (240 kW) engine to 365 hp (268 kW) and 710 Nm. The ABT Sportsline has given Audi SQ5 plus a 380 hp (289 kW), with torque at 780 Nm (up from 700 Nm). Aerodynamics The ABT has designed the Audi SQ5 2013 to a sporty look. The team handles Audi SUVs with meticulousness and dynamism. The ABT POWER is accompanied by

ABT Sportsline Redefines Volkswagen Golf VII GTI/GTD RamSpeed

By | 2017-06-11T12:41:49+00:00 June 7th, 2017|ABT Sportsline, Leading Tuning Companies|

A German tuning company ABT Sportsline tunes up Volkswagen and Audi. It enhances the cars by utilizing sports-sort suspensions, motor power updates, lightweight wheels and streamlined components. ABT has overhauled Volkswagen Golf VII GTI/GTD. Engine The ABT Golf VII with its 2.0 TFSI demonstrates a steady 270 hp or 199 kW, up from the serial version's 220 hp or 162 kW. As of now, ABT is dealing with the second phase of extension to as much as 310 hp (228 kW). Aerodynamics The ABT Golf VII GTI/GTD is sportier. The front spoiler and the front grille, the fog light covers demonstrate forcefulness. Mirror covers and side skirts build up an association with the back of the car. The back of the ABT Golf uncovers where this extraordinary car originates from. Wheels THE ABT FR WHEEL The FR wheel is the most recent cycle of ABT five-spoke design. For your Volkswagen Golf VII GTI/GTD, it is

ABT Sportsline Outstanding Performance Program for Volkswagen Golf VII RamSpeed

By | 2017-06-11T12:41:50+00:00 June 5th, 2017|ABT Sportsline, Leading Tuning Companies|

A German tuning organization ABT Sportsline essentially tunes Volkswagen and Audi. It improves the autos by utilizing sports-sort suspensions, motor power overhauls, lightweight wheels, streamlined instruments. ABT has improved and updated Volkswagen Golf VII. Engine Regardless of whether oil motors or diesel motors - without an electronic motor administration framework running in present day vehicles is nothing more. For example, motor temperature, air and fuel mass, and to make an interpretation of them into solid motor execution guidelines. Higher motor yield does not really mean an expansion in CO2 outflows. A standard vehicle of the new era of motors has a yield of 0.9 to 1.0 g/hp, this esteem is decreased by up to 0.7 g/hp when ABT Power and ABT Power S are utilized. Aerodynamics The ABT Golf VII is an immaculate vehicle that meets for all intents and purposes each desire of its proprietor. The segments created by the ABT fashioners make the