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VW T5 ABT Power Upgrade

By | 2015-12-15T21:25:16+00:00 February 19th, 2014|ABT Sportsline, Leading Tuning Companies, Tuning News|

The Volkswagen T5 is given extra power due to ABT power new generation. From the standard diesel of 180 Hp, 132 Kw and 400 Nm, ABT have increased these values to 200 Hp, 147 Kw and 440 Nm. This power upgrade is more than just chip tuning, it is the result of ABT power new generation which is a special control unit developed by ABT including software. For the petrol VW Bus, ABT power new generation increases the performance values from 204 Hp and 150 Kw to 240 Hp and 176 Kw. Additionally ABT offers suspension upgrades and aerodynamic components for the VW T5 which include front and rear skirts, rear spoiler and day time running lights.  

VW Transporter T5, Complete ABT SportsLine Upgrade

By | 2016-01-06T22:59:37+00:00 March 15th, 2012|2012/03 Mar, Daily Actions|

Complete ABT SportsLine upgrade for Volkswagen T5 Transporter including: - ABT Sportsline front lip - ABT Sportsline front grill with chromed ABT badge - ABT Sportsline side skirts for long wheel base version - ABT Sportsline rear skirt - ABT Sportsline quad exhaust system with 76mm tailpipes - ABT Sportsline suspension springs - ABT Sportsline 19" BR Design wheels

Volkswagen T5 Transporter ABT Sportsline Upgrade and Power Module

By | 2015-12-15T21:19:49+00:00 July 18th, 2014|Completed Projects, Volkswagen|

Here is a Volkswagen T5 Transporter which we did an ABT Sportsline complete upgrade on including a performance module installation. The upgrade included: - ABT Sportsline front spoiler - ABT Sportsline front grill with chrome emblem - ABT Sportsline side skirts for long wheel base version - ABT Sportsline rear skirt - ABT Sportsline quad exhaust system with 76mm tailpipes - ABT Sportsline lowering springs - ABT Sportsline BR Wheels in 19" - ABT Sportsline badges - Kraftwerk performance power module - Custom painting of brake callipers in gold with VW logo    

ABT SportsLine Volkswagen T5 Multivan Facelift

By | 2016-01-04T19:27:11+00:00 July 26th, 2012|ABT Sportsline, Leading Tuning Companies|

The New ABT Multivan – A Real Cross Sports Vehicle The VW van has always been a diverse vehicle - both with regards to its possible uses and the customising wishes of its owners. Be it as a camper van or a lifestyle transporter, the father of all vans can do everything and transport anything. The designers have developed attachment parts for the van, which make the ABT T5 Multivan a real large-capacity sports vehicle. Regardless of whether it is taking a family on holiday, the sports vehicle is being taken to its place of installation or is required as a shuttle service for business partners – with the ABT T5 Multivan the journey is more extravagant and dynamic. True to the VW motto “Why be like all the others?” the transporter becomes a classy individual automobile, which confidently shows where it comes from. The front grill gives the Multivan even more presence and underlines

ABT SportsLine – Volkswagen T5 Transporter

By | 2017-06-11T12:48:22+00:00 July 4th, 2012|ABT Sportsline, Leading Tuning Companies|

VW T5 Transporter - ABT SportsLine Aerodynamic Body Kit Link To Official ABT SportsLine Website Once more the ABT development team have proved themselves to be true artists when it comes to combining driving enjoyment and everyday use in one vehicle: With performance increased to 195hp and 450Nm torque, they have improved the bloodline of the T5 – the latest addition to the legendary VW Bulli family tree – from a utility vehicle to the exciting ABT Sporting Van. And it really looks the part too: Thanks to its dynamic optical appearance, lowering and the addition of ABT sports wheels, it positively champs at the bit even when in “park” and puts it beyond all doubt that even “bus drivers” can have a whole load of fun here. ABT SportsLine Front Spoiler for Volkswagen T5 Transporter ABT SportsLine Front Grille Including ABT Chrome Emblem for Volkswagen T5 ABT SportsLine Fog Light Inserts for