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AC Schnitzer

Since more than 4 decades, AC Schnitzer sets the world’s standards of customising increasingly sophisticated BMW cars and motorbikes. AC Schnitzer uses the experience gained from a rich motor sport racing heritage which is present in everything they do. The combination of excellent BMW automotive engineering and the motor sports development of Herbert Schnitzer made the Schnitzer racing team one of the most successful and well known race car teams in the entire history of BMW motor sports. In the mid-eighties, Willi Kohl, one of Germany’s largest BMW dealers, and Herbert Schnitzer decided to utilize this technical know-how for more than racing victories. AC Schnitzer was born. Today, AC Schnitzer (AC = Aachen city) still concentrates on the transfer of technology from racing to road tuning. With over 2500 tuning products for all BMW and Mini cars, AC Schnitzer offers a perfect combination of sports handling, performance increase and looks and underlines its success with superb driving comfort in the hardest tests on road and track.

AC Schnitzer Australia a large tuning range of aerodynamic enhancements (body kits), tuning modules, wheels, suspension and interior components that stretches from BMW M Technik cars to BMW X6, BMW X5, 1-series, 3-series and 5-series and all Mini Cooper cars. AC Schnitzer also offers a wide variety of motorbike enhancements for K Series, R Series and many other.


AC Schnitzer Facelift Program for BMW Z4 M Coupé E86 RamSpeed

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Aachen-based tuning specialists, AC Schnitzer brings a facelift program for BMW Z4 M Coupé E86.  Specifications for the tuning program- Engines - Exhaust For enhanced driving dynamics, AC Schnitzer offers a modified rear axle ratio

BMW ACS2 2 Series Suspension Upgrades AC Schnitzer RamSpeed

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AC Schnitzer introduces extensive tuning program for BMW ACS2. The high-quality suspension components from AC Schnitzer enhance driving comfort, dynamics, and safety. All products of AC Schnitzer suspension components are approved by Manfred Wollgarten. The

AC Schnitzer ACS1 5.0d The fastest Diesel in Hockenheim

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The AC Schnitzer Tri-turbo diesel with 400 HP unfolds the record of the fastest diesel car on the Hockenheim ring. At beginning, it might look very middle-of-the-road saloon with just a few customizations. Brushing off

BMW X5, X6, X4 and X3 Diesel AC Schnitzer Sound Module

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New Product release by RamSpeed and AC Scnitzer for BMW X5 X6 X4 - AC Schnitzer Diesel Sound Module. The new AC Schnitzer sound module set for diesel variants of BMW X3 and X4 models