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Carlsson-Mercedes-Benz-B-Class-Wheels-Exhaust-Power-Landing-RamSpeedExclusive tuning for Mercedes Benz since 1989

Elegant Mercdes Benz cars, powerful Carlsson engines, a motor-racing atmosphere. The latest technology in every automobile leaves Carlsson’s HQ in Germany. The Carlsson Autotechnik GmbH, was founded in 1989 and is located at Gut Wiesenhof, a manor house near the town of Merzig in Southwest Germany. The company name honours Swedish rally driver Ingvar Carlsson, who, together with Björn Waldegard and Walter Röhrl, made motor-racing history in the Mercedes Rally Team.

Gut Wiesenhof is first mentioned in the chronicles in 1835. Following the completion of his model farm, the original owner, Baron Constantin von Briesen, began to breed thoroughbred horses. Today, the historical outbuildings house Carlsson engine test benches, an electronics laboratory and– last but not least – powerful, Carlsson tuned Mercedes-Benz cars. A large tuning range of aerodynamic enhancements (body kits), tuning modules, wheels, suspension and interior components that stretches from the A to the S Class and all M model Mercedes cars.


Carlsson Tuning Program for CLA CLASS X117 SHOOTING BRAKE RamSpeed

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The new Mercedes-Benz CLA CLASS X117 SHOOTING BRAKE is extraordinarily expressive and athletic. And to add to its beauty and power, Carlsson has introduced a special tuning program for CLA-CLASS X117. The enhancement program comprises

Carlsson Bashes Competition With New CK 40 Performance Kit For Mercedes E CLASS A207 Ramspeed

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Carlsson has just produced a super product with their engine performance kit known as the performance kit CK40 for Mercedes E CLASS A207 which constitutes of a special electronic set-up of the engine management system,

Carlsson Reinvents Luxury With Smart ForTwo 453 Ramspeed

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Carlsson took upon a challenge of sorts by taking into consideration the smart fortwo 453, 451 and 450 for luxury refinement. Known as the Carlsson smart CK10, the 2.70metres vehicle length shows a lot of

Carlsson Personalization Program for Mercedes GLA CLASS X156 RamSpeed

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The new Mercedes-Benz GLA is a perfect amalgamation of sleek design, practicality and SUV qualities. Now, the German tuners, Carlsson have created the urban look to give this beauty an even more clearly defined personality.