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RamSpeed Performance Exhaust systems with or without valve control – 100% build to order with valve controlled systems built in Germany.

RamSpeed Exhaust systems are handmade out of high quality stainless steel. They are beautifully polished, performance optimised and of course come with a sound you expect.

Every exhaust is a master piece and will change your view on exhaust sound for good. Majority of our exhaust systems are ‘cat-back’ exhausts, unless otherwise stated. “Cat-back” means that we work from the catalytic converters backwards towards the tips, upgrading the centre and rear section of the exhaust. For selected models, we offer complete exhausts systems including headers and front section with high flow catalytic converters.

With majority of our valve operated exhaust systems an inside control cabin kit is available. This allows an integration of an on/off button in centre console for manual opening and closing of valves. With these settings you can leave quiet in the morning and open up the exhaust on a press of the button. The exhausts is of course pre-set for automatic opening in relation to RPM’s and engine speed as is the case for many factory setups from Audi, Mercedes and VW.

Our exhausts are also available with many tip options including chrome or black ceramic coated tailpipes.