30 05, 2012

VW Golf R32 MK V, New Ramspeed Custom Forged Wheels

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New RamSpeed custom forged wheels fitted with tyres for VW Golf R32 MK V. VW Golf R32 MK V which we recently installed a custom exhaust system and coil over suspension on is back in our Ramspeed workshop again. This time for a set of our brand new Ramspeed range of custom forged wheels. Detailed view of VW Golf R32 MK V installed with Ramspeed custom forged wheels.

28 05, 2012

Porsche 997 Carrera, Installation of Techart Steering Wheel

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Porsche 997 Carrera in for installation of new Techart steering wheel and refitting plus reconfiguration of air bag system on the new steering wheel.   Detailed view of our Ramspeed mechanic getting ready for installation of Techart steering wheel. Original OEM Porsche steering wheel to be removed along with air bag to make room for new Techart wheel, original air bag to be refitted follow by system diagnostics to reconfigure air bag system.   Rear view of Porsche 997 Carrera with its factory standard exhaust system.

24 05, 2012

Custom Carbon Fibre BMW Steering Wheels with RamSpeed Logo

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Custom BMW steering wheel with carbon top inserts, bottom in carbon with Ramspeed logo, ergonomically formed sides with thumb knobs, perforated ultra soft leather, grey Euro style stiching, carbon button panels left and right.