17 09, 2015

Mercedes Benz SLS Class AMG Convertible Suspension Lift Kit

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The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster is powered by a 6.2-litre V8 that produces 420kW of power and 650Nm of torque. The Roadster’s performance data is: 0-100km/h in 3.8 seconds, 0-200km/h in 11.3 seconds, top speed of 317km/h, with a combined cycle fuel consumption of 13.3 litres/100km. This incredible Mercedes Benz AMG SLS Class Convertible 2011 was brought into our workshop for an installation of coil over’s as well as an installation of a KW lift kit. During this process, our workshop removed all the old struts and rebuilt with KW adjusters and springs.  Also installed was a hydraulic pump which runs lines to all four of the struts. After the installation, the ride heights were set and the hydraulic system was checked. The lift kit heightens the car which prevents scrapping of the bumper and undercar when at an incline.

29 08, 2014

Mercedes Benz SL350 Prior Design Body Kit, Wheels and Exhaust

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Below is a Mercedes Benz SL350 which we installed a Prior Design complete aerodynamic body kit to and upgraded the wheels, exhaust and springs. The complete Black Edition Aerodynamic kit included: - Prior Design Front bumper - Prior Design Rear bumper - Prior Design Front fenders - Prior Design Bonnet - Prior Design Side skirts - Prior Design Rear extensions - Prior Design Rear diffuser - Prior Design Rear trunk spoiler - Prior Design Front lip spoiler The upgrade also included a complete exhaust system, lowering springs, 20" ultra light forged wheels with brushed centre and high gloss polished lip and Toyo Nitto Invo tyres. The original front of the SL350 ready to be modified The original spoiler and side of the Mercedes SL350 before the body kit and wheels were fitted. The completed Mercedes SL350 with the upgraded front bumper with the front lip spoiler and front fenders. You can see the rear diffuser,

24 06, 2014

Mercedes Benz C63 Performance Exhaust and Stage 2 Upgrade

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Here  you can see pictures of a Mercedes Benz C63 which we worked on a few months ago. We installed Mercedes C63 AMG headers and front pipe with high flow performance cats. Also fitted to the vehicle was a mid X pipe section (cat back) and performance mufflers with ON/OFF valves. Also done to the C63 was a Kraftwerk stage 2 peformance upgrade. The completed exhaust fitted on the Mercedes C63

22 05, 2014

Mercedes Benz C63 Carbon Upgrades

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One of the tuning upgrades we have at RamSpeed include carbon fibre upgrades to the interior or exterior of a vehicle. This Mercedes C63 customer opted to get the rear diffuser in carbon fibre and the same option for the mirror covers. The carbon fibre rear diffuser fitted on the Mercedes C63 The carbon fibre mirror covers fitted onto the C63

13 02, 2014

Mercedes CLK63 Black Series Supercharger and Wheels

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One of the projects we have done awhile ago is this Mercedes CLK63 Black Series. On this Black Series we enhanced the performance by installing a supercharger and a stage 2 exhaust upgrade which included headers, high flow cats and performance air filters.   Also on this Mercedes are RamSpeed RS 09 deep concave wheels in 20", gloss black outer rim with brushed black tinted centre. We also installed a roll cage for the customer which you can see also has some upholstery work done. The brake callipers have also been painted in gold with a black AMG logo.