18 07, 2014

Volkswagen T5 Transporter ABT Sportsline Upgrade and Power Module

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Here is a Volkswagen T5 Transporter which we did an ABT Sportsline complete upgrade on including a performance module installation. The upgrade included: - ABT Sportsline front spoiler - ABT Sportsline front grill with chrome emblem - ABT Sportsline side skirts for long wheel base version - ABT Sportsline rear skirt - ABT Sportsline quad exhaust system with 76mm tailpipes - ABT Sportsline lowering springs - ABT Sportsline BR Wheels in 19" - ABT Sportsline badges - Kraftwerk performance power module - Custom painting of brake callipers in gold with VW logo    

25 06, 2014

BMW Z4 AC Schnitzer Performance Module and Air Filter

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Below you can see the BMW Z4 which we had the pleasure of supplying and fitting an AC Schnitzer power module which increased the performance of the vehicle. Also installed on the vehicle was a performance air filter. Call us today for more information on our tuning and performance upgrades.  

25 06, 2014

Porsche 911 996 Supercharger Project

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The Porsche in our workshop ready for the upgrade Below you can see images of a Porsche 911 996 supercharger project which we worked on with 470 HP and 345 Kw. We also supply and fitted new Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tyres to the vehicle. The catch can was modified to incorporate a drain hose and plug coupling. Race brakes were supplied and fitted to the vehicle and the system bled and filled.   The supercharger system straight out of the box The rear of the vehicle being prepared for the installation The engine before the supercharger fitment The completed supercharger system in the Porsche 911 996

24 06, 2014

Mercedes Benz C63 Performance Exhaust and Stage 2 Upgrade

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Here  you can see pictures of a Mercedes Benz C63 which we worked on a few months ago. We installed Mercedes C63 AMG headers and front pipe with high flow performance cats. Also fitted to the vehicle was a mid X pipe section (cat back) and performance mufflers with ON/OFF valves. Also done to the C63 was a Kraftwerk stage 2 peformance upgrade. The completed exhaust fitted on the Mercedes C63

22 05, 2014

Mercedes Benz C63 Carbon Upgrades

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One of the tuning upgrades we have at RamSpeed include carbon fibre upgrades to the interior or exterior of a vehicle. This Mercedes C63 customer opted to get the rear diffuser in carbon fibre and the same option for the mirror covers. The carbon fibre rear diffuser fitted on the Mercedes C63 The carbon fibre mirror covers fitted onto the C63