19 09, 2012

Ferrari F599, 22″ ADV1 Wheels, Front & Rear Pirelli Tyres And Fully Adjustable Novitec Suspension

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Our Ferrari F599 project is coming along nicely... INSANE 22" ADV1 custom wheels on a beautiful Ferrari F599, the rears running Pirellis 335/25/22 with matching 21” for the fronts, paired with fully adjustable Novitec suspension we are one step closer to the SUPERCAR FINISHED. ADV1 forged wheels in 22" fitted with Pirelli tyres, to go on a beautiful Ferrari F599. Detailed view of the Pirelli tyres 335/25 ZR22 installed on a set of 22" ADV1 wheels. Getting there... another amazing project by Ramspeed - Ferrari F599, a rare 1 of 2 manual cars in the country, running 21” fronts and 22” rears ADV1 forged with massive Pirellis 335/25/22 at the back. Novitec complete adjustable suspension rounds of the package greatly.

14 02, 2012

Ferrari F360 Spider Twin Supercharged by Novitec Germany & Ramspeed Australia

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First of this type in Australia, Ferrari F360 Spider twin supercharged by Novitec & Ramspeed. Upgrade also includes, ECU tuning, Novitec performance exhaust upgrade, custom forged wheels installation, Novitec aerodynamic front bumper bar and an aerodynamic rear wing. Ferrari F360 Spider with Novitec aerodynamic front bumper bar and rear wing installed. Novitec performance exhaust system for Ferrari F360 Spider. Detailed view of Novitec exhaust installed on Ferrari F360 Spider. Ferrari F360 Spider to be upgrade with Novitec twin supercharger and ECU tuning. Novitec Rosso twin supercharger upgrade on Ferrari F360 Spider, with over 600 HP. Detailed view of Ferrari F360 Spider with Novitec twin supercharger installed. Rear view of Ferrari F360 with Novitec Rosso sticker on rear wing and Ramspeed tattoo on the side of the car. Complete interior upgrade including carbon fibre accessories and Suede leather/carbon steering wheel on Ferrari F360 Spider. Ferrari F360's OEM brake discs and calipers, to be