25 05, 2012

Gumpert Apollo

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RAMSPEED Motors is importing the Gumpert Sports Cars to Australia and New Zealand Please contact us for further information and pricing: 1800 887 930 GUMPERT Apollo ”The most exciting car to ever wear number plates.” Apollo: son of the Greek god Zeus, responsible for victory, and symbol of masculine beauty, today an inspiration for the breathtakingly uncompromising super sports car that unites aesthetics and function like no other. Get to know the apollo on the following pages – the most exciting car to ever wear number plates. The new and striking brand is characterised by the griffin: this mythological creature – half lion, half eagle – is a symbol of strength and speed, and not least a symbol of earth and air. A NEW REALITY BORN OF A VISION ”It has always been my dream to have a car with so much down force, such aero-dynamic efficiency that you could drive on the roof of