7 06, 2017

Brabus Mercedes GT/S C190 Upgrades from RamSpeed

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The Germany based tuning company Brabus is headquartered in Bottrop. Recently it has modified the Mercedes GT/S C190 with the best skills and excellence. The engine, power upgrades, aerodynamic components and lightweight wheels are all custom arranged for the luxury car. Here are the specs in details: Brabus Body Kit Brabus works determinedly on their aerodynamics designs to produce the best and ultra-light body harmonizing with great strength. Right there from the first blueprints and models to prototype and manufacture, everything is done with extreme care. It offers a self-developed enhancement program which converts your Mercedes GT/S C190 into a dynamic sports car. The exterior includes: Front bumper Fender Side skirts Rear diffusor Rear spoiler Special equipment Brabus Wheels The Brabus wheels and suspension add an elegant look to the Mercedes GT/S C190. With plentiful options to select from in relation to the suitable tire size, The Monoblock F Platinum Edition cross spoke design, forged,

6 06, 2017

Brabus Mercedes Maybach X222 Upgrades from RamSpeed

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The Bottrop headquartered auto tuner Brabus has upgraded Mercedes Maybach X222 and the auto resembles a fantasy world. Brabus has introduced the finest motor, control redesigns, streamlined segments and lightweight wheels to the top of the line extravagance auto mark. Here are the point by point specs: Brabus Body Kit Brabus has a group of talented experts who chip away at the streamlined features outlines with assurance to build up the best body unit. Regardless of whether it is the primary outline or models to model and creation, Brabus does everything with consideration and your taste. For Mercedes Maybach X222, it offers astounding alteration program which changes your auto into a super vehicle. It has offered two bundles to help you get the best one for your Mercedes Maybach X222: Brabus front bumper with front spoiler Front design grill Brabus Rear bumper insert Brabus logo for boot lid Brabus emblem for bonnet Brabus emblem for

19 05, 2017

Hamann Facelift Program For Mercedes Benz G63 RamSpeed

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Hamann Motorsport is a Laupheim based car tuning company in Germany. Hamann Mercedes Benz G63 is a car for those who look class and speed go hand in hand. With its body kit “Spyridon” Hamann has set highly exclusive and spectacular off-road model. Engine and performance Hamann Mercedes have excellent performance and motor development characteristics. The more than impressive SUV look from a 3-part front spoiler is the highlight of the vehicle. This feature enhances the appearance of Hamann Mercedes AMG GLE 63 S. Power Advancement Module by Plugin system: Performance: 680 hp/478 Kw at 5400 rpm torque: 900 Nm at 2200-4400 rpm VMAX UPGRADE via Hamann Module by Plugin system: Vmax upgrade from standard 210 km/h up to 240 km/h Exhaust system Hamann has modified your Mercedes Benz G63 with the best selection of Mercedes Benz G63 Performance Exhaust Systems parts and accessories. Here are the main characteristics of exhaust system: Sports Rear Muffler 6-Tailpipes Sports Rear Muffler Super

7 03, 2017

AC Schnitzer ACS1 5.0d The fastest Diesel in Hockenheim

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The AC Schnitzer Tri-turbo diesel with 400 HP unfolds the record of the fastest diesel car on the Hockenheim ring. At beginning, it might look very middle-of-the-road saloon with just a few customizations. Brushing off the buzz, the AC Schnitzer ACS1 5.0d has set up the record of the fastest Diesel car on the Hockenheim ring with a lap time of 1:13.80 min, which is even faster than the Porsche Cayman S (987) or the 911 Carrera 4S (997). Framing its name in the initial choices of diesel and petrol car lovers, the ACS1 5.0d accelerates up to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4.5 seconds while going from 80 to 180 km/h (50 to 112 mph) it takes just 7.9 seconds. This shows that it’s not just faster than a standard BMW M135i, but highly efficient and sturdy indeed. The 1 – series witnessed a triumphant upgradation from 381 HP and 740 Nm (546

10 11, 2016

Bentley GTC exterior program by Arden RamSpeed

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German tuner, Arden has rolled out the new, more elegant and stylish Bentley GTC. After a successful tuning program of the luxury Bentley in 2009, now Arden has added upgrades to the exteriors of the British icon. Enhancements in the exterior of Bentley GTC The luxury Continental GTC has fully chromed stainless steel handmade radiator and front grille that gives it a majestic appearance. The upgraded package has replaced the existing plastic grille and armed the car with imperial quality and look that it deserves. To complete the perfect noble look, Arden is exclusively offering the Arden Zelem multipart Sport aluminum wheel rim for Bentley cars. This 10,5Jx21inch aluminum wheel rim has highly polished stainless steel bed. The forged wheel is exclusively produced for Arden in OEM quality. The complete set consists of Sport tires 295/30R21 that provide the necessary road grip. The German tuner has left the personalization opportunities open for the Bentley owners