Wheels: What is “fender rolling?”

The “fender” is the area that houses the wheel and tire of a vehicle. There are several reasons why a vehicle may require fender rolling. After a vehicle’s suspension is modified, i.e. with lowering springs/shocks, a vehicle’s height is significantly lowered, thereby closing the gap between the fender and tyre. Also, installing larger-than-stock wheels and tyres decreases the gap between the fender and tire. Thirdly, partially due to larger-than-stock tyres, issues may arise with the rear tyres lightly contacting the wheel guards due to suspension squat under heavy acceleration or many passengers. By executing any one of the previous actions, a vehicle’s stance is lowered, thereby significantly closing the gap between the fender, or wheel as well as the tyres. These actions may require fender rolling to alleviate any tyre-to-fender contact. Ramspeed offers high quality fender-rolling services.

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