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How to Measure Wheel Offset for my Car? 2017-06-11T12:54:41+00:00

Offset Wheel Measurement RamSpeedThis is How to Measure Wheel offset correctly

Will will shorty post about the easiest way to measure correct wheel offset for any car and how the measurement effects tyre and wheel choice Link


What are RamSpeed hours of operation? 2015-11-28T15:23:05+00:00

RamSpeed Tuning & Automotive workshop facilities are combines in one Sydney based location, however the Workshop & Tuning Sales staff work varying hours on Saturdays. Please Call to confirm.

WORKSHOP Hours are:

Monday-Friday: 8:30am-5pm

Saturday: 8:30am-12:00pm

Sunday: Closed

Note: Vehicle drop offs during weekends and public holidays are possible with prior arrangement. Please call.

TUNING SALES (Performance Parts and Enquiries)

Monday-Friday: 8:30am-5pm

Saturday: 8:30am-12:00pm (by appointment)

Sunday: Closed

Your question not answered above? Contact us and we will be pleased to help.

Wheels: What is “fender rolling?” 2015-10-12T22:53:53+00:00

The “fender” is the area that houses the wheel and tire of a vehicle. There are several reasons why a vehicle may require fender rolling. After a vehicle’s suspension is modified, i.e. with lowering springs/shocks, a vehicle’s height is significantly lowered, thereby closing the gap between the fender and tyre. Also, installing larger-than-stock wheels and tyres decreases the gap between the fender and tire. Thirdly, partially due to larger-than-stock tyres, issues may arise with the rear tyres lightly contacting the wheel guards due to suspension squat under heavy acceleration or many passengers. By executing any one of the previous actions, a vehicle’s stance is lowered, thereby significantly closing the gap between the fender, or wheel as well as the tyres. These actions may require fender rolling to alleviate any tyre-to-fender contact. Ramspeed offers high quality fender-rolling services.

What products does RamSpeed offer? 2017-06-11T12:54:41+00:00

We offer everything to personalise and enhance the performance and looks of your car, including :
Wheels, wheel sets, lowering springs, coil over suspensions, aerodynamic components, interior components, exhaust systems, engine upgrades and much more.

How long is delivery time, in case the parts are not in stock? 2015-10-12T22:55:02+00:00

We give our customers 2 options, Air Freight or Sea Freight.
Air Freight deliveries take around 10-14 days,
Sea Freight deliveries take around 7-9 weeks from Germany

Do you stock all the parts ? 2015-10-12T22:55:50+00:00

Not all. Each of our main tuning partners has a product portfolio of over 2,500 items and stocking them all, for each brand, is hardly possible. We do have however selected items in stock, so contact us to check if your products are promptly available.

Do the body kit components come pre-painted in my car colour? 2015-10-12T22:55:56+00:00

No. Due to high risk of damage (scratches etc) during the transport, the parts are not shipped pre-painted. In most cases, the parts come primed, ready for paint and can be installed by us or a quality body shop within a reasonable amount of time.
Further to this, the colour code of your car is required. In case of a full body kit installation, we would need the car to perfectly match the colour to existing body parts. Smaller parts like front lip spoiler or rear wing can be painted without seeing the car, yet we would require a colour sample like fuel cap or similar.

Does the installation of your products affect the vehicle’s warranty? 2015-10-12T22:56:04+00:00

All the parts supplied are thoroughly tested and in most cases come with the German TUV approval.
Our products are sold by selected car dealers themselves so the trust in the quality and the brand is given and is not affecting the warranty of your vehicle. On the other hand there are dealers which will tell you that tinting the windows affects the warranty, which is of course nonsense and a scare tactic from the dealer.
Common sense prevails and in case of damage it has to be proven that the installed part caused the damage.
Above all, all products sold by us come with min 12 month warranty, in some cases up to 3 years.
Ask us for further advice, if in doubt.

Do you offer also other services, apart from sales of the products? 2015-10-12T22:56:11+00:00

Yes. We are a one-stop-shop and offer all services and modifications available including:

  • Scheduled Servicing
  • Upgrades & Conversions incl ECU Tuning, Turbo and Supercharger conversions
  • Fitment of all products incl suspension components, exhaust systems, wheels, tyres etc
  • Repairs of all kinds
  • Custom modifications like paddle shift installation, exhaust modifications etc
  • Interior upgrades
  • Body kit installation incl fitment and painting etc
  • Thorough product and technical consultation
  • and more..
I want to fit the products myself, can I ? 2015-10-12T22:56:17+00:00

Yes. However, some products need special attention to detail and require an experienced mechanic or a qualified body shop to fit the parts.
We have approved partners all over Australia and can recommend a fitment facility of trust and at competitive prices. Your local car dealer is also in the position to install the products well.
Best of course, is to get the products fitted and installed in our RamSpeed Service and Performance Centres, as there we have factory trained mechanics and work according to strict mounting instructions from the manufacturers and of course year long experience.

I don’t have time to go to your shop, can you pick up my car and deliver it back to me fully converted with all the modifications I want? 2017-06-11T12:54:41+00:00

Yes. If you want to have your car personalised by RamSpeed, are busy or just don’t want to travel the distance, contact us and we will arrange for secure pick up of your vehicle and deliver it back to you with all required modifications.