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The only true personalised DOOR-TO-DOOR car transport service in Australia.

Steadily growing number of our customers are based interstate who have the desire for larger performance upgrades or complete car conversions.

Until now, we were struggling to find the right transport for their high-end European cars and exotics.

We were offered :

  • pick-ups on basic tow trucks
  • transport on open, unprotected trucks
  • transport on large road trains with other cars on multi-story trailers
  • unknown drivers driving the cars multiple times off trucks and ramps
  • an uncertain number of waiting days in uncovered car depots etc.

All not good enough.


Extending our customer service to new length, we obtained a purpose-built trailer and can now offer a true specialised covered vehicle transport, door-to-door.


We offer complete pick-up and delivery services for all kinds of cars, to our workshop for upgrade work, or if you are just moving places, or if you want your car to be transported to a certain destination safely in the most secure way: one car, one loading and off-loading, one point of contact.

We operate on regular transport pattern between Brisbane / Sydney / Canberra / Melbourne / Adelaide and Perth, with destinations outside of main cities being our speciality.


We go where no one else wants to go.



  • One car, one specialised trailer, pick up from any address with direct delivery to final destination.
  • Tracking of your car at any give stage via satellite.
  • Trailer can enter any streets, whereas larger trucks face council restrictions and cannot reach certain smaller or private roads.
  • We can pick up any cars as our trailer is equipped with a winch enabling us to pick up also cars which are non-going.
  • Sports cars, exotics, lowered cars, secret cars like proto-types, race cars, old timers etc.
  • Medium size boats or bikes or anything else is possible as well.
  • Can be available at short notice for urgent and express requirements.
  • Own, committed and experienced staff, who look after your car throughout the transport as if it was our own.

RamSpeed is now a leading provider of premium specialised enclosed vehicle transport services. Contact us for price quotes and more details.