FERRARI F458 Italia NOVITEC and HEFFNER TWIN TURBO 2017-06-11T12:54:44+00:00

Project Description

FERRARI F458 Italia
Heffner Performance Ferrari 458 Italia twin turbo system
Tuning results show a considerable increase in horsepower over stock while keeping the vehicle within reasonable parameters in regard to reliability and drivability.

Approx 860 HP / 730 whp / 5 pounds of boost NOVITEC carbon exterior package:
Novitec Front spoiler lip
Novitec Front flaps
Novitec Front wings
Novitec Inserts for ventilation front bar
Novitec Inserts for mirrors
Novitec side skirts
Novitec Air intake side window
Novitec engine compartment ventilation (for Coupe)
Novitec rear wing
Novitec Diffuser
Novitec diffuser fins
Novitec cover fog lights
Novitec rear skirt
Novitec cover for taillights
Novitec covers engine compartment left+right
Novitec set of tail lights (2 pieces)
Novitec side indicators (2 pieces)
Novitec 3rd brake light

NOVITEC Hydraulic lift kit for front axle in combination with suspension springs
including suspension spring set for lowering in combination with the original suspension, a 40mm hydraulic adjustment at the front axle through a remote control as well as a CAN control unit (the original damper adjustment is kept).

NOVITEC ROSSO set wheels / tyres type NF3
9,0J x 21J with 255/30 R21 Pirelli P-Zero for front axle
12,0J x 22J with 335/25 R22 Pirelli P-Zero for rear axle
custom painted, centre and lip