BMW M3 E92 VORSTEINER GTRS SUPERCHARGED 2017-06-11T12:54:44+00:00

Project Description

GTRS3 Front Bumper
GTRS3 Wide Arch Front Fenders
GTRS3 Extended Side Skirts
GTRS3 Wide Arch Rear Quarter Panels
GTRS3 Wide Arch Rear Bumper
GTRS3 Boot Lid
GTRS3 Forged Wheels with Michelin tyres
GTRS3 Bonnet
GTRS3 complete or cat back Titanium exhaust

VORSTEINER FORGED Wheels in your choice:
10 x 19 front with 275/30/19
11.5 x 19 rear with 315/25/19
Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tyres
10.5 x 20 front with 285/25/20
12.5 x 20 rear with 325/25/20
Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tyres

KW Fully adjustable coil over suspension V3 (height, rebound and compression) for M3 with EDC (Electronic Damper Control)

We install a VF-Engineering supercharger the BMW E92 M3 adding to already superior throttle response and give wild low-to-top end power (sport mode) with the centrifugal Vortech supercharger. Maintaining the original BMW quality, smoothness and reliability were the key factors in the VF design. This is where the VF-Engineering software comes into full play. VF have harnessed reliability of Vortech superchargers and quality of VF-Engineering software with their 10 years of supercharging experience and worldwide OEM supply contacts to create the ultimate supercharger system for the ultimate driver’s car.

650 hp / 480 kw and 570 Nm
7.5-8.0 PSI
V3-SQ supercharger
Cast manifold(cooled)
ECU software flash
Requires Full Sport Exhaust System


supercharger system comes with a high capacity liquid intercooler system and especially developed cast aluminium manifold assembly with integrated heat exchanger. It also features a custom crankshaft pulley system specific for the VT2-650 version.
The supercharger system includes redesigned ESS MSS60 engine control software that is perfectly calibrated for the supercharged engine providing optimum ignition timing under all conditions, recalibrated EGas for quicker throttle response, recalibrated VANOS control and perfectly optimized fuel delivery supplied by 8 larger Bosch Motorsport injectors.
Power development is 100% smooth and the car behaves just like stock until you demand power, then the car completely transform providing brutal acceleration normally reserved for pure race cars.

System components:
Vortech V3Si supercharger unit.
Vortech Maxflow Race bypass assembly.
Uni-belt drive system with additional OEM quality rollers rated for 100.000+ miles between service intervals.
Updated ESS tuning VT2-650 specific VT2-650 crankshaft pulley
8 High Capacity Bosch Motorsport fuel injectors (Spec 3).
Perfectly optimised, dyno tested VT2-650 spec MSS60 ECU software with removed top speed governor, calibrated for VT2-650 injectors.
CNC hard anodized brackets and hardware.
K&N high flow air filter with all weather protection.
High temperature casted plastic intake system for SC
High capacity liquid intercooler system
Cast aluminium ESS intake manifold with integrated light weight velocity stacks especially developed for the VT2-650.
High temperature silicone hoses with clamps
Detailed, step-by-step installation manual.
Heavy-Duty drive belt.
ESS oil breather assembly designed for boost.