1 09, 2014

BMW 2 Series AC Schnitzer Tuning Program

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With the new BMW 2 Series vehicles, AC Schnitzer have already developed a variety of tuning upgrades. The export version of the BMW 220i has engine power of 245 Hp instead of 184 Hp with no less than 5 performance upgrades for the Coupe. AC Schnitzer's performance upgrade for the BMW M 235i  adds 54 Hp to the standard 240 Kw / 326 Hp engine which gives it a total of 279 Kw and 380 Hp. For the M 235i they also offer a performance intercooler which provides 80% larger air contact surface and 62% more charge air volume than standard due to the size. This ensures optimum cooling and sustained power development from the engine. AC Schnitzer have also provided performance upgrades for the diesel models such as the BMW 218d with 126 Kw and 171 Hp, BMW 220d with 160 Kw and 218 Hp and BMW 225d with 190 Kw and 258 Hp.