29 06, 2012

Novitec Rosso Program For The Ferrari 599 GTB

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Novitec Rosso Refines The Ferrari 599 GTB Novitec Rosso presents an impressive 645hp tuning package for the 599 GTB Fiorano. Enhanced performance is achieved with an adjusted ECU and stainless steel sport exhaust system featuring dual left and right 2x90mm exhaust tips. Additional components include 6-piston 405mm brakes for the front and the rear axle and a dual height adjustable suspension. The suspension height can be adjusted at the push of a button while driving at low speed. The new Type NF3 wheel is sized in 20" for the front and 21" for the rear. Novitec Rosso aerodynamics consist of a front spoiler, side skirts with larger cooling vents, side flaps, rear wing and rear diffuser. Lastly, black tail lights and turn indicators add subtle finishing touches that complete the Novitec Rosso transformation. Novitec 599 GTB with front add-on bumper, side skirts, 2-way adjustable coilover suspension, and NF3 wheels 20" (front), 21"

28 06, 2012

Novitec Rosso Tunes The Ferrari 599 GTO

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Novitec Rosso Tunes the Ferrari 599 GTO A rated power output of 888 hp / 653 kW, a peak torque of 862 Nm and a top speed in excess of 340 km/h thanks to twin-compressor technology: NOVITEC ROSSO, the world leader in tuning for the sports cars from Maranello, presents an even more powerful and sportier version of the Ferrari 599 GTO in a world debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2011. To further improve the power-to-weight ratio and for even more dynamic handling the two-seater car is equipped with the new, extremely light NOVITEC ROSSO forged wheels. The NOVITEC ROSSO engine specialists have developed an even more powerful version of the proven twin-compressor six-liter four-valve V12 engine for the sport version of the Ferrari 599. Both high-performance superchargers, driven by a cogged V-belt and lubricated by a dedicated oil circuit, were optimized further. Maximum boost pressure is limited to 0.45 bar.