16 07, 2012

Aerokit I Program for 911 Carrera/Targa 997 2009-2010 Gen 2

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The new TECHART Aerokit I program for Porsche 911 models explicitly expresses the silhouette and details that characterize the Porsche brand. Inside, you select from high quality materials to customize your automobile for comfort and style. Outside is distinguished by the front spoiler with braking cooling ducts, front grille inserts, side skirts, mirror inserts, and headlight rings designed to accentuate your individuality. Designed in a wind tunnel, the aerodynamics are unrivaled. A roof spoiler and a choice of three different wings (Rear Wing I, Rear Wing III, or Rear Wing IV) offer precise downforce adjustments on the rear axle. For optimum performance, outfit your Porsche with TECHART Formula I, II, or the new light-weight one-piece forged Formula III wheels.

6 06, 2012

TECHART Individualization for the new Porsche 911

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With the official launch of the new Porsche 911 in December, TECHART offers first individualization options for the sports car. A refinement program for the exterior and interior as well as the TECHART light alloy forged wheels give the customer countless possibilities to give the car a unique character. The TECHART styling packages for the exterior give the sporty and elegant design of the Porsche 911 a quite personal note. Trims, painted in custom colour or in carbon-fibre, make the sports car an individual piece. A clear statement of sportiness: the TECHART Formula III forged light alloy wheel in 20- and 21-inch size, available colours are Sterling Silver and individual paint with five dynamically shaped twin-spokes. The particularly low weight and the significantly reduced unsprung masses directly result in an enhanced driving performance of the new Porsche 911. The TECHART interior individualization offers a number of refining options to give the car the unique character

24 05, 2012

Techart Engine Performance Kits for Porsche 911 Turbo

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TECHART engine performance kits for Porsche 911 Turbo For the current facelift version of the Porsche 911 Turbo TECHART unveiled its comprehensive individualization program at the Geneva Motor-Show in March. As always, the aim was to create something unique and individual from something already special. The result has arrived: the TECHART engine performance kits TA 097/T1 and TA 097/T2 provide the Turbo with an extra punch and even more power in two stages. Convincing personality What sets the TECHART engine performance kits apart is their impressive power in every dimension. Excellent acceleration figures and a top speed up to 333 km/h underline the experience and skill of the TECHART engineers in the further development of the engine systems. As all TECHART products, the performance kits convince due to highly functional quality and perfect crafting. Performance kit TA 097/T1 Fitted with the TECHART engine performance kit TA 097/T1 and added 70 hp compared to the series