26 07, 2012

New ABT SportsLine Wheel – Type DR

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ABT SportsLine Wheel Type DR - The Wheel Reduced To Its Most Exceptional The development of a new wheel is a part of evolution – at ABT Sportsline this is clear from the name: the latest master piece from the Design Department of the vehicle tuner is called DR and follows on from the successful creations AR, BR and CR. And just like each of its predecessors it is refreshingly different, excitingly dynamic and an eye-catcher “even without a car”. In the new DR alloy from ABT Sportsline the previously gained experience culminates in a special, confident statement – and precisely because of this the second letter could easily stand for "RIGHT” as in the “right wheel”. The ABT DR is reduced to its most exceptional, it is exclusive and expressive and suits the cars of the Volkswagen group excellently, after all it was designed precisely for them. Available in 18 to

12 07, 2012

ABT SportsLine – Audi A6

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Audi A6 (4F) - ABT SportsLine Aerodynamic Body Kit Link To Official ABT SportsLine Website From the very moment it rolls off the production line by Audi, the Audi A6 well and truly makes an impression. Large, elegant and self-assured – wherever it puts in an appearance this luxury class sedan car is master of all it surveys. And when tuned by ABT it dominates its competitors virtually at will: Dynamic bodywork components and impressive power output figures leave no doubt as to who is leading the field and setting the standards. The epitome of automobile sovereignty. ABT SportsLine Front Spoiler For Audi A6 ABT SportsLine Front Grille For Audi A6 including ABT chrome emblem ABT SportsLine Side Skirts For Audi A6 4-piece ABT SportsLine Rear Skirt Insert for Audi A6 ABT SportsLine Rear Spoiler For Audi A6 ABT SportsLine Exhaust Channel For Audi A6  

12 07, 2012

Built To Be Outstandingly Quick – The New ABT Audi A6

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6 is a powerful number: If you throw a six in Ludo, you reach the goal quicker, and the same also applies if you drive an ABT A6. Power and comfort make the premium car a perfect everyday companion. Long journeys can be managed with ease, but the fun already begins on short trips. Regardless of whether you choose a petrol or diesel engine, the A6 becomes a veritable sports car with a performance improvement from ABT Sportsline. In the developments for the new model from the successful A6 range, the world’s largest tuner of vehicles from the VW group also ensures that the character of noble superiority is not just retained, but is accentuated even further. Thanks to ABT POWER, the 3.0 TDI offers a high-torque and cultivated 282 HP (207 kW) instead of the series standard 245 HP (180 kW). An ABT Turbocharger is additionally used in the ABT POWER S package,