24 10, 2017

Mercedes Benz 463 Edition G63 AMG G-Wagen by RamSpeed

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As a founder of the business, I have had the privilege of driving many different high-end cars over the past few years. Even still, very rarely do I have the chance to get behind the wheel of an automotive cult car like the Mercedes Benz G63 AMG or its latest incarnation, the ‘Edition 463’ (Above, standard, unmodified G63) To find customers ready to play and improve on the status-que is not easy, particularly in Australia where the cost of these vehicles is quite simply ridiculous. None the less, some may argue modifying these cars is sacrilegious and some do welcome a fresh, new and even more exciting opportunities with open arms. (Above. Strip down and pre fitment of Brabus kit parts and re-wire for LED lights installation) This is yet another Mercedes G63 AMG modifications we have undertaken this year. Our first incorporated an entire colour change, however, this white example, pushes the modification boundaries

25 07, 2012


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UPDATE: The Mercedes Benz C63 Black Series body kit for W204 model cars are now available in Coupe and Sedan (4 door) versions for pre facelift and post facelift models.   Were you too late to buy the C 63 AMG Coupe Black Series? no worries ! RamSpeed exclusively released the Black Series complete body kit for your ‘ordinary’ C 63 AMG The Black Series Body kit consist of: Bonnet with vents (both carbon and lower cost non carbon models available) Front Bar Left & Right front wide guards / fenders Left & Right side skirts Left & Right rear guard / fender extensions Complete Rear bar with Diffuser & Black Series exhaust tips. Carbon Conards / Splitters Conversions available for Mercedes C63 Coupe, C63 Sedan and Estate. Enquire now and upgrade your C63 to BLACK SERIES ! Talk to us about Power and Exhaust upgrades. IMPORTANT NOTE!!