1 03, 2016

Arden Range Rover AR 9 Special Edition Body Kit RamSpeed

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Arden aerodynamic collection is out. The German leading Range Rover tuning has announced the new Arden Range Rover AR 9  wide body kit. Even though we’ve seen Arden A9 range Rover Body Kit in previous years, the new aerodynamic collection features on quite a few upgrades. Features of the new Arden Range Rover AR 9 Setting this car apart from previous iterations is the front design which underlines the dynamic character of the Range Rover. The AR9 is designed to enhance the aerodynamics of the Range Rover. The tuned Range Rover is sprayed with an “Arden Tobago Red” paint job which gives has a unique shine and colored look to it. The sidebars combine the front and rear design, giving a clear view of the car’s side body. Furthermore, the new Arden Range Rover AR 9 Spirit Special Edition is equipped with multiple carbon fiber elements such as the bonnet trim panel, mirrors, door knobs

9 12, 2013

Range Rover AR 9 Arden Body Kit

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The Arden aerodynamics program was adapted to the modern, uncluttered bodywork of the new Range Rover LG. The front fascia has received two large air intakes to move more air to the cooler side. These are equipped with handmade stainless steel grilles in the exclusive Arden mesh and complement the style of the safety Arden Range Rover AR 9. The front fenders are aerodynamically designed and have a spoiler on the A - pillar. The rear fenders were adapted to this design consistently. The side rails form a harmonious completion, thus providing a clear and clean line off the sides of the vehicle. The rear spoiler is designed so that the hitch between the off-road ribs can enter and leave. The Arden design concept emphasises the contemporary phenomena of the new Range Rover and is completed by the multi piece 10x22" Sportline wheels, which can be painted in body colour. Alternatively, the 10x22" Arden Dakar