12 06, 2011

Caractere Introduces A Powerful Modification Package For Audi A6 Ramspeed

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It’s not an easy job to take the car of the year i.e. Audi A6 and convert it into an elevated version of itself. Caractere just did it by introducing a powerful modification package for the Audi A6. The Belgium-based brand integrated its own unique style into the lines of the stock vehicle further enhancing it in many ways. What they did: Front bumper included additional spoiler with the moldings been uninstalled and smoothened.  The new front grille (sporting front grille) scatters the sunshine like diamonds and the front brakes have more air gap. There is an additional rear spoiler which has spaces enough to fit duplex exhaust tips. Caractere has also offered in the package an additional power unit, and CW1 wheel rims of silver/graphite color. The Caractere CW1 wheel rim is made of high quality light alloy and is available in different sizes i.e: For A6 : 8,0x18", 8,5x19", 9,0x20", 9,5x21". With the