9 12, 2014

ABT Sportsline Rapid Modifications For The Audi Q7 I 2009 Model RamSpeed

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ABT Sportsline has a tendency to surprise its fans and competition alike with its innovative modification programs. This time they have come with some A grade modifications for the Audi Q7 I 2009 model. These constitute of: Engine and Performance: To bring out the best in every engine is basically at the core of ABT and they have done it once again when they tuned the engine for the Audi Q7 I 2009. ABT - POWER INCREASEMENT 4.2 TDI 250 kW (340 PS), 760 Nm to approx. 268 kW (365 PS), 820 Nm ABT - POWER INCREASEMENT 4.2 TDI 340 PS to ca. 385 PS Aerodynamics: The aerodynamics constitutes of prime carbon fiber work arrangements including the following on the exterior of the Audi RS Q3 2013: - ABT - AERODYNAMIC - PACKAGE ABT Aero Paket 1 (not for s-line) for all engine types in combination with ABT end pipes due to optical reasons, we