20 02, 2016

Audi SQ5 Wide Body Kit Upgrade by Caractere & RamSpeed

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Another exciting project recently completed by RamSpeed for a valuable customer in Sydney. This stunning Audi SQ5 was purchased brand new in 2015. After few short weeks of driving and running the car in, the lady owner decided to turn up the volume in just about every department. After initial consultation, it was clear that the owner wanted a lot more power and presence on the road. Factory Audi offering ended on revised monoblock wheels and their S-Line package which really did not go far at all. Below: Standard Audi SQ5 wheels going to a new home. After looking at ABT Sportsline and other body enhancement options, Caractere came out as a clear winner, in terms of looks, quality and customers budget. The Caractere wide body kit components are manufactured from ABS plastic and offered rigidity and quality equivalent to Audi original items. The entire body kit consisted of revised front bumper bar as well as front

17 09, 2015

The New Audi RS3 ABT SportsLine with 430 HP – Power Plus!

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Audi has now added another “stage” to its power and has topped its S3 with the more powerful RS3. The “New Generation” and its extra control unit by ABT Power has specially developed this software which provides the Audi RS3 with 430 HP/316kW (serial version: 367 HP/ 270 kW).The maximum torque has been elevated from 455 to 530 Newton meters, also reflected with this data is, now getting from naught to 100kph only takes 4.1 seconds and the electronically limited top speed of 250 kph has been raised to 285 kph. The extensive warranties and test cycles on ABT’s own dynamometer and public roads guarantee the utmost dependability. ABT Sportsline now also has an even more powerful engine in the pipeline. “ABT Power S is already on the launch pad, ready to surprise you,” says CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt. With the extra HP aside, customers can look forwards to an impressive sound in both “stages”, this

17 09, 2015

Audi Q7 ABT Sportsline Visual Packages

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Right from the start, the Audi Q7 with its 4WD has conquered not only much terrain, but also a number of hearts. There are numerous technical features such as the virtual cockpit which has been achieved and accepted by Audi drivers. Now, ABT Sportsline has come up with a hardwire fitting package for the quite successful Q type from Ingolstadt. ”With our extension parts, we want to visually underline that the Q7 of the second generation is much lighter, more streamlined and sporty than its 10-year-old predecessor”, says CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt.   There are various options available from ABT for upgrade to suit the QS7, these enhancements include a new front skirt, door strip attachments, fender inserts and an attractive rear skirt set with a muffler system.Also available is an optional ABT rear wing, this lends the SUV the ambiance of a sports car. The standard Q7 has been measured across and equals 2.5 x its length.

17 09, 2015

ABT SportsLine Upgrade September Specials

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ABT Sporsline Germany is having the ABT Power Days for the month of September; this means they have cut the price on their products but not the race feeling. These discounts are spread across various global tuners of cars produced, such as Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda. ABT POWER is always perfectly geared to the respective car. There are various ABT Power upgrades available that is suitable for your car, this is established in the ABT configurator. The ABT Configurator allows you to able to virtually see the upgrade on your car with the ABT parts. Most of the models from Audi and VW are available in this view. The customer can individually choose the exterior colour of their car to give it an even greater experience and can also see the differences between both the standard model and the ABT version right on the screen.

24 03, 2014

Audi RS5 Supersprint Exhaust and RamSpeed Wheels

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A recent completed project of ours is this blue Audi RS5 which came in for an exhaust upgrade and performance alloy wheels. The customer had ordered a Supersprint performance exhaust system which included the front pipes, centre exhaust, X pipe and the rear mufflers, left and right. Other upgrades included a set of 20" RamSpeed forged wheels in design RS DC72 with brushed black tint centre and a high gloss lip. Our RamSpeed wheels RS DC 72