2 05, 2013

Mansory Refinement Program for Bentley GTC model 2016 RamSpeed

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Mansory, the renowned tuning expert has released a refinement program for Cabriolet Bentley GTC in a brand-new chassis design at the IAA 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany. The specifications of the program are- Aerodynamics Mansory has not only revamped the appearance of Bentley GTC but also worked on the engine. Bentley GTC owners can increase their engine power to 1,001 HP by integrating a MANSORY turbo technology. In addition to power, Mansory has also reduced the weight of the vehicle. Every aerodynamic component is made up of carbon fiber and incorporated beautifully into the car. The new side skirts act as a visual link between the front and the rear wings. The rear spoiler has a powerful diffuser underneath and together with the rear spoiler it increases the car’s downforce. Mansory chassis design is an eye-catcher. The orange effect colored paintwork generates a unique depth effect. Power The power upgrades in for Bentley GTC model 2016