2 08, 2008

AC Schnitzer Styling And Performance Package For BMW X6 E71 M Ramspeed

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Definitely a storm, AC Schnitzer has presented a new state-of-the-art styling and performance package for the BMW X6 E71 M. Visually striking at the very first sight. Here are the specs for what they did: Engine: They conjured a big boost in the engine performance for all BMW X6 E71 M versions like for BMW X6 (E71) 3.0d with 173 kW/235 HP to 200/272 HP. for BMW X6 (E71) 3.5d with 210 kW/286 HP to 230/313 HP. for BMW X6 (E71) 3.5i with 225 kW/306 HP to 265/360 HP. for BMW X6 (E71) 4.0d with 225 kW/306 HP to 265/360 HP. Exhaust: The high-performance exhaust system enhances the vehicles respiratory system and lets it breathe properly significantly upgrading the vehicle's engine performance. The newly improved AC Schnitzer silencers are uniquely designed for the engine such that exhaust gasses released disperse away quickly. Aerodynamics: In the X6 by AC Schnitzer, the front skirt with its diagonal