18 03, 2016

AC Schnitzer SuperTuning Of BMW X6 Falcon F16-F86 Ramspeed

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AC Schnitzer did some heavy super tuning to the likes of BMW X6 Falcon F16-F86 and bringing them to their peak performance level. Engine: Engine performance got a boost to 309hp on the X6 30d, 360hp on the X6 40d and an amazing 525hp on the X6 50i. for X6 30d with 190 kW/258 HP to 227 kW/309 HP for X6 40d with 230 kW/313 HP to 265 kW/360 HP for X6 35i with 225 kW/306 HP to 265 kW/360 HP Exhaust: It has been recently announced that customers of BMW X6 Falcon F16-F86 are being provided with a range of AC Schnitzer exhaust silencer options with racing tailpipes. Silencer with 2 "Racing" tail trims - for BMW X6 3.5i (F16) - for BMW X6 50i (F16) -for BMW X6 30d (F16) -for BMW X6 40d (F16) -for BMW X6 M50d (F16) There's also a new diesel sound for the X6: The AC Schnitzer sound