21 02, 2016

AC Schnitzer Modifications for BMW Z4 E85, E86 RamSpeed

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The famous German tuners, AC Schnitzer brings a facelift program for BMW Z4 E85, E86. The specifications of the tuning program are listed below- Engines - Exhaust AC Schnitzer offers a modified rear axle ratio of 3.91: 1 to improve the vehicle’s driving dynamics. The rear axle ration improves acceleration and the sports silencers enhance the response behavior. The silencers are made up of stainless steel with chromed racing tailpipes and provide a more powerful sound than the standard system. The M-versions of Z4 is fitted with a twin sports silencer. Additionally, the M-vehicles can get Twin Racing system which is a further option of Sports Trim design. AC Schnitzer sports suspension The sports suspensions and strut braces developed by AC Schnitzer are a result of extensive tests on race tracks and public roads. The Wheels Coming to wheels, all ACS4 Sports Roadster and Coupé models naturally includes the AC Schnitzer Type IV, Type III

28 03, 2015

AC Schnitzer Tuning Program for BMW Z4 89 RamSpeed

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The Aachen-based tuning specialist, AC Schnitzer has launched tuning program to optimize BMW Z4 89, which has already won many accolades from the trade press. Upgrades for BMW Z4 89 Beginning with the engine, power has been increased from the standard 306 horsepower to 360.  At the same time, the maximum torque now is 383 lb-ft (520 Nm), a significant increase from the standard (295 lb-ft) 400 Nm. The 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine achieves now 177 mph (286 km/h). AC Schnitzer-tuned BMW Z4 89 gets an upgraded suspension variant with a new spring kit. The exterior gets an aerodynamic pack consisting of a chrome front grille and front spoiler. Both the components combined give the Z4 89 a more muscular look. Additionally, to enhance the look of the vehicle, AC Schnitzer has added new sports fenders, comprising of wheel arches with integral air outlets. These sports fenders provide improved cooling of the front brakes and chromed deflectors.