10 03, 2017

Brabus Mercedes GLC/GLC Coupe X253 Upgrades RamSpeed

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All the Mercedes GLC and GLC owners, who wished enhanced exterior image and engine for their GLC can look to Brabus, the renowned German tuners for answers. Brabus has given both the Mercedes GLC and GLC Coupe aesthetic changes in exterior and interior, featuring custom grills, aluminum pedals, custom floor mats and new alloys. The specifications of the exclusive Brabus tuning program for GLC/GLC Coupe include- Brabus Bodykit The body program for Mercedes GLC/GLC Coupe remains simple. In the exterior, it emphasizes the presence of a new grille and of a spoiler in the rear. Under special equipment, the German tuner offers- Brabus logo for boot lid, chrome plated Brabus emblem for boot lid Brabus logo for side of the car set Brabus Interiors The interiors of the Mercedes GLC have got extensive upgrades. Interior customization is classic as Brabus keeps the personalization option open for the customers. The cabin of the car gets an

7 01, 2017

Brabus Mercedes GLE Coupe C292 Upgrades RamSpeed

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Well-known Mercedes tuner Brabus has gotten its hands on the new Mercedes GLE Coupe’ C292. The result is a highly-modified Coupe’ that has received a muscular look, a more comfortable cabin, and a comprehensively upgraded engine. The specifications of the program are- Brabus Performance - PowerXtra  The most important component that makes Brabus tuned model stand from its regular production counterpart is found under its hood. Bigger tubes have been fitted, and these now draw air from a duct under its hood. The Coupe’ gasoline and diesel engines have got the enormous performance boost, thanks to the Brabus PowerXtra kits. The details of the same are- Performance Kits for Gasoline BRABUS PowerXtra B63S-700 Base GLE 63 S Coupe’ + 85 kW / 115 hp; + 200 Nm to 515 kW / 700 hp, 960 Nm Vmax: 300 kmh/h BRABUS PowerXtra B63-630 Base GLE 63 S Coupe’ +33 kW / 45 hp, +80 Nm to 463

13 04, 2016

Brabus Mercedes GLE/ ML Class W166 Upgrades from RamSpeed

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Brabus, the prominent Mercedes tuner is once again in the limelight with yet another tuning package. This time it’s an SUV, Mercedes GLE/ML Class. The new generation Mercedes GLE/ ML Class W166 is hooked up with the customary exterior and interior upgrades, as well as a significant power enhancement. Brabus has brushed up on the new ML Class already aggressive stance with exclusive accessories to further accentuate it. The specifications of the tuning program are- Brabus Bodykit The tuning program for the ML Class starts with a subtle body kit made of front bumper addition parts, fender extensions front/rear, rear side skirts add-on parts, rear bumper add-on, and door moldings PUR-R-Rim. The upgraded bodykit components transform your Mercedes GLE/ML class into a dynamic sports car and give it an aggressive appearance. The main body kit components include- on-road front spoiler on-road front bumper add-ons double-B insert for front grille sports fender add-ons side skirts Double

3 03, 2016

Brabus Mercedes S Class Coupe Enriched Enhancements From RamSpeed

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If you are on the lookout for the best modified versions of Mercedes, then Brabus is your answer. It majorly deals in Mercedes and it offers engine power upgrades, lightweight wheels, aerodynamic components and more. The enhancement of Mercedes S Class Coupe Cabriolet is a wonderful example of Brabus’s awesome work. Brabus Body Kit: The Brabus front lip and rear diffuser paired with rear bumper and spoiler are the highlights of Mercedes Cabriolet. The presence of special equipment such as Brabus emblem for the bonnet, and logo for car sides and the front grille make up for a quite a show and make it look sportier while being completely in line with the car’s sophistication. It is not wrong to say that it is the right choice for those who are very particular about their Mercedes. Front bumpers/front Spoiler includes BRABUS front lip for S63/65, visible carbon glossy, visible carbon matt BRABUS front add-on parts

21 05, 2015

Brabus Mercedes GLA Class X156 Upgrades from RamSpeed

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If you are Mercedes Benz lover, but want your beauty to be more fast and eye-catchy, then you would be thrilled to know Bottrop-based tuner, Brabus has released an extensive tuning package for Mercedes GLA Class X156. Brabus very well knows how to turn up the heat with its aftermarket programs. And in this case, Brabus not only boosts the performance of GLA class, but does so while looking classy and elegant. The specifications of the tuning program for GLA Class include-tuning program for GLA Class include- Brabus Performance- PowerXtra  Brabus dials up the power on the diesel GLA 220 CDI with ECO PowerXtra D3 which gives the diesel GLA a 0-100 time of eight seconds and a top speed of 220 km/h. Brabus also has a PowerXtra for the four-cylinder turbo gasoline GLA which takes the car to a top speed of 250 km/h in 6.7 seconds.dials up the power on the diesel GLA