19 05, 2017

Hamann Refinement Program For Mercedes Benz SLS RamSpeed

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Hamann Motorsport is a car tuning company situated in Laupheim in Germany. Hamann Mercedes Benz SLS is a car designed for your taste and panache. It is a true dream car for those who look for exclusive aerodynamics, strong exhaust systems and unique wheel/tyre combinations in their vehicle. Exhaust system Hamann has refined your Mercedes Benz SLS with the best performance exhaust systems parts and accessories. Here are the main features of exhaust system: Sports Rear Muffler Black 4-Tailpipes for AMG SLS C197/R197 in Stainless steel. Sports Rear Muffler Black 4-Tailpipes for AMG SLS C197/R197 in high polished Stainless-steel. Suspension and Brake system Hamann has refined the best suspensions for your Mercedes Benz SLS. These are: Lowering springs for AMG SLS C197 to reduce the height of the vehicle. Threaded sport suspension for AMG SLS C197 Wheels and Tyres A vehicle is incomplete if it doesn’t have the finest quality wheels and tyres. Hamann has created the best

19 11, 2015

Novitec Aerodynamics Enhancements for Ferrari 430 Scuderia 16M RamSpeed

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Novitec Rosso is renowned for creating highly developed engine modifications for automobiles. For 430 Scuderia 16M, Novitec offers powerful Bi-Compressor engines to stress the impression of outstanding sportiness. The specs of the program are- Engine Enormous power and excellent performance are the crucial factors that define the power upgrade for 430 Scuderia. The engine performance kits developed by Novitec are a product of extensive research and development. The power upgrades include- Novitec Race Bi-Compressor Scuderia 747 Performance: 549 kw (747 hp) 8.500 rpm boost: 0,53 bar torque: 738 Nm/6.250 rpm Vmax: 348 km/h (in combination with NOVITEC gear-ratio) 0-100 km/h: 3,4 sec Novitec Race Bi-Compressor Performance: 527 kw (747 hp) 8.350 rpm boost: 0,48 bar torque: 722 Nm/6.250 rpm Vmax: 348 km/h (in combination with NOVITEC gear-ratio) 0-100 km/h: 3,5 sec Novitec Race Bi-Compressor 16M Performance: 512 kw (747 hp) 8.400 rpm boost: 0,48 bar torque: 682 Nm/6.300 rpm Vmax: 348 km/h (in combination with

12 08, 2015

Novitec Works Its Magic On Rolls Royce Ghost Series II RamSpeed

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With sophistication personified, Novitec has worked its magic on the Rolls Royce Ghost Series II which includes awesome body parts, well-optimized exhaust system for maximum performance, exclusive wheel design, plug and play power upgrades. The result hence is nothing short of magic. Here’s what they did: Engine: Made in an easy to install plug and play system, the SPOFEC N-TRONIC and the pure beast of the V12 inside the hood, the combined result offers a powerful option for power enthusiasts. SPOFEC N-TRONIC: The SPOFEC N-TRONIC is a processor-controlled device that will be connected to the original engine management with the delivered Plug & Play wiring harness. The SPOFEC N-TRONIC is ready to mount Plug & Play System which is very easily to install. Based on GHOST with 420KW (570 hp) 780Nm performance:504kW (685 hp) / 5.400 rpm torque:958 Nm / 1.800 rpm 0-100 km/h:4,5 sec Based on GHOST V-SPEC with 442KW (601 hp) 780Nm performance:521kW

15 08, 2014

Novitec Customization Program for Ferrari 458 Speciale RamSpeed

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Novitec Rosso, one of the most successful companies in the automotive tuning industry has released a new tuning program for Ferrari 458 Speciale. Novitec has worked on carbon fiber, power, sound and high-tech forged rims of the Ferrari 458. Ferrari 458 has been fitted with customized carbon-fiber components to give the sports car a more enthralling experience. The high exhaust system fitted in the car optimizes the power output and sound. The modified suspension with front lift feature, exclusive interiors, and tailor-made 21-inch NOVITEC ROSSO forged wheels complete the upgrade for the Italian sports car. The specifications of the program are- Aerodynamics The shape and design of the aerodynamic components are based on wind tunnel testing. Novitec designed components not only enhances the appearance of the vehicle but also optimizes the aerodynamic function. Novitec aerodynamic customization includes- Front Spoiler Lip Front Strut Air-Guide trunk-lid Carbon insert for mirror Side Panels Cover sets for the flaps

17 02, 2014

Volkswagen Golf R32 Supercharger and Performance Upgrades

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One of our projects completed late last year is this VW Golf R32 with a stage 2 supercharger system. We are currently working on 2 more of these at the moment so stay tuned for more updates. This R32 did not just have the supercharger installed, we also installed a number of additional upgrades. One of these upgrades included a DSG clutch upgrade. We also installed a valve tronic performance exhaust system. Finally the VW Golf R32 has Vogtland adjustable height coilover suspension installed. The VW Golf has our own RS DC 63 custom forged wheels in 18" with finished brushed silver. You can also see the painted brake callipers as per the instructions of the customer.