19 05, 2017

Hamann Tunes Mercedes Benz G55 RamSpeed

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A Laupheim based car tuning company, Hamann Motorsport has created a name for itself with its specialization and detailed work. Hamann Mercedes Benz G55 is an epitome of refinement and class. With its body kit “Spyridon” and “Aero”, Hamann puts the refinement crown on the G55. Engine and performance If you want excellence and perfection in your vehicle, then Hamann Merc Benz G55 is your car. The 5.4 litre engine (M113) started with 354 hp but gradually came up to 507 hp just because of its compressor. Hamann Mercedes G55 is a perfect combination of excellent performance and motor development. This iconic version of Benz is one of the most popular tuning models by Hamann. Exhaust system Hamann has improved your Mercedes Benz G55 with the best collection of Mercedes Benz G55 Performance Exhaust Systems parts and accessories. Here are the main characteristics of exhaust system: Sports Rear Muffler 6-Tailpipes Sports Rear Muffler Super sound for Hamann Aero Kit

19 05, 2017

Hamann Tuning Program For Mercedes AMG GLE 63 S RamSpeed

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Hamann Motorsport is a Laupheim based car tuning company in Germany. Hamann Mercedes AMG GLE 63 S is a perfect car designed by Hamann. Hamann is known in the tuning world for its amazing feature development in each vehicle. Engine and performance Hamann Mercedes have excellent performance and motor development characteristics. The more than impressive SUV look from a 3-part front spoiler is the highlight of the vehicle. This feature enhances the appearance of Hamann Mercedes AMG GLE 63 S. Power Advancement and V/Max Module by Plugin system: Performance: 680 hp/500 Kw at 5300-5800 rpm torque: 900 Nm at 2000-4500 rpm Wheels and Tyres The wheels of Mercedes AMG GLE 63 S by Hamann have set new standards of high quality of wheels. It has wonderful street safety grip and driving stability. These wheels are made exclusively for Mercedes. MonoBlock Wheels Anniversary Evo Black Line Anniversary Evo Silver Challenge Professional Edition Race matt black Unique Forged

19 05, 2017

Hamann Maximum Form and Function Program For BMW M6 F13 RamSpeed

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Hamann Motorsport is a car tuning company located in Laupheim in Germany. Hamann has created a masterpiece of classic cars with the modification of BMW M6 F13 is a classic car designed by Hamann. Engine and performance The BMW M6 F13 by Hamann is a work of genius and quality development. The BMW M6 Coupe is designed with exclusive black carbon bonnet and original front skirt plus side skirts. Power Advancement Module by Plugin system: Performance: 650 hp/478 Kw at 6000-7000 rpm torque: 850 Nm at 1500-5750 rpm Electronic power advancement through optimized curve map including Vmax remove: Performance: 680 hp/500 Kw at 6500-6800 rpm torque: 850 Nm at 1550-4000 rpm  Exhaust Hamann BMW M6 F13 is empowered with four-pipe sports exhaust system with carefully built black anodized tail pieces. A high-class accuracy work is done that ensures a brute sound into the league of super sports cars.  Here are the other options by Hamann: Sports

11 03, 2017

Mansory Maserati Levante Refinement Program RamSpeed

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The Maserati Levante refinement program by Mansory is basically a complete overhaul of the car in a sense. There are some major visible and audible changes that you can take note of. This is the reason why Mansory is the best at what they do producing unique upgraded models. Aerodynamics and body: The body has been significantly widened. The front side sports lip and daytime running lights. There is also the front splitters and new grill mask. The wheel wells are significantly given more area and so are the door attachments. The roof and rear spoiler give the car a truly aggressive look. Wheels: The new alloy wheels installed are an exact match to the car complementing it in every way. The super high-performance tires installed are of the dimensions 265/35 in 9x22 inch front wheels, and 295/30 tires adorn the 10.5x22 rims at the rear. They come in Diamond Black and Diamond Silver variant.

25 08, 2016

Novitec Maximum Form And Function Program For Ferrari 488 Spider RamSpeed

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Novitec, the Bavarian tuner located in Stetten which specializes in Italian marques is supremely focused on performance orientation which is to improve the brake, handling, acceleration they have introduced the maximum form and function program for Ferrari 488 Spider. Here are the specs in detail: Engine and performance: When it comes to performance gains, Novitec has proven its mettle and is recognized the world over for that. The power development is phenomenal as always to deliver an extra 63.3 kW/86hp to the two-seater and a top speed of 342km/h. Tuned for maximum efficiency form and function approach, 488 Spider has been configurated as per popular taste and expectations expected of Novitec as always. This level of performance has been achieved by upgrading the engine management software and supreme quality exhaust systems. Here are the options provided by Novitec: Novitec N-Tronic Novitec Performance Stage 2 Novitec Performance Stage 3 Exhaust: Made of top performance materials, the