20 06, 2012

TECHART Aerokit I Program for the 968 Cayenne SUV

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TECHART Individualization for the new Porsche Cayenne Followed by great interest the new generation of the Porsche Cayenne was presented at the Geneva Motor-Show a few weeks ago. Now TECHART offers its customers the chance to give the new Cayenne models a bit more of their own personality and character. The new TECHART Individualization options for the exterior, the engine area and the interior of the SUV as well as TECHART light alloy and forged wheels give the TECHART customers countless possibilities for individualization. The TECHART wheels embody consistent design and inimitable style. For the new Porsche Cayenne models TECHART offers Formula and Formula II light alloy wheels as well as Formula III forged light alloy wheels in dimensions of 20- to 23-inch. Besides attractive standard color variants, all TECHART wheels are available in individually matched custom colors. The TECHART options for the interior of the SUV allow unrestricted freedom regarding the