24 04, 2012

Caractere Upgrades VW Touareg RamSpeed

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Caractere just came up with their regular concoction of car mods and this time it was the VW Touareg. The Belgian car modding company which specializes in designing car accessories for VW vehicles really did a minimalistic but well designed and much needed modding with the ‘carbon look’ interior, CW1 Wheel rims (silver/graphite) and an additional power unit. The CARACTERE CW1 wheel rim is made of high-quality light alloy and is available in different sizes. TOUAREG '11 (7P0): 9,0x20" 9,5x21" 10x22 Caractere designed an exclusive range of wheels, for Volkswagen cars, products which are characterized by high quality, modern styling, and sporting elegance. These rims come in two colors, a mirror polished silver and a graphite mat polish. The Caractere’s interior pack installed includes an A/C Contour, Ashtray Cover, Console + KEYLESS, Dashboard trim, left rear door trim, right rear door trim, left front door trim with memory, right front door trim with memory, left

19 11, 2010

Caractere Announces Interior And Wheels Mods For VW Sharan RamSpeed

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Caractere recently announced a wheels and interior package for the VW Sharan. The Belgian company specializing in car accessories for VW has offered power additional unit, a ‘carbon look’ interior, a sports exhaust system and CW1 Wheels rim (silver/graphite). With designer and owner Alan Hurard at the helm and a team of industry veterans at its disposal, Caractere is an internationally recognized brand which provides exclusive outlook and performance solutions to selected brands like Volkswagen. Here’s what they did with the VW Sharan: The wheels constitute of Caractere CW1 wheel rim is made of high-quality light alloy and is available in different sizes. EOS (1F): 8,0x18", 8,5x19". Designed for modern styling and sporting elegance, the CW1 wheel rims are an exclusively designed product for Volkswagen. They come in two variant colors: The ‘mirror polished silver’ and ‘Graphite matte polish’. The interiors are specifically developed with Carbon Fiber vinyl interiors consisting of covering for the Left, central and right air