7 06, 2017

ABT Sportsline Outstanding Performance Program For Audi SQ5 2013 RamSpeed

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A German tuning company ABT Sportsline mainly tunes Audi and primary Volkswagen Group brands. It modifies and accessorizes them by using sports-type suspensions, engine power upgrades, lightweight wheels, aerodynamic mechanisms and more. With its expertise, it has added a stylish look to your Audi SQ5 2013. Engine The ABT Sportsline Audi SQ5 2013 is an epitome of class and superior work. It offers 3.0 TDI in three variants. The ABT has transformed the original 313 hp (230 kW) to 360 hp (265 kW). The maximum torque is 700 Nm. The ABT has modified the 3l 326 hp (240 kW) engine to 365 hp (268 kW) and 710 Nm. The ABT Sportsline has given Audi SQ5 plus a 380 hp (289 kW), with torque at 780 Nm (up from 700 Nm). Aerodynamics The ABT has designed the Audi SQ5 2013 to a sporty look. The team handles Audi SUVs with meticulousness and dynamism. The ABT POWER is accompanied by

7 06, 2017

ABT Sportsline Redefines Volkswagen Golf VII GTI/GTD RamSpeed

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A German tuning company ABT Sportsline tunes up Volkswagen and Audi. It enhances the cars by utilizing sports-sort suspensions, motor power updates, lightweight wheels and streamlined components. ABT has overhauled Volkswagen Golf VII GTI/GTD. Engine The ABT Golf VII with its 2.0 TFSI demonstrates a steady 270 hp or 199 kW, up from the serial version's 220 hp or 162 kW. As of now, ABT is dealing with the second phase of extension to as much as 310 hp (228 kW). Aerodynamics The ABT Golf VII GTI/GTD is sportier. The front spoiler and the front grille, the fog light covers demonstrate forcefulness. Mirror covers and side skirts build up an association with the back of the car. The back of the ABT Golf uncovers where this extraordinary car originates from. Wheels THE ABT FR WHEEL The FR wheel is the most recent cycle of ABT five-spoke design. For your Volkswagen Golf VII GTI/GTD, it is

6 06, 2017

Brabus Mercedes Viano/V Class W447 Upgrades from RamSpeed

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The Germany based tuning company Brabus is headquartered in Bottrop. Recently it has modified the Mercedes Viano/V Class W447 with the best skills and excellence. The engine, power upgrades, aerodynamic components and lightweight wheels are all custom arranged for the luxury car. Here are the specs in details: Brabus Body Kit Brabus works determinedly on their aerodynamics designs to produce the best and ultra-light body harmonizing with great strength. Right there from the first blueprints and models to prototype and manufacture, everything is done with extreme care. It offers a self-developed enhancement program which converts your Mercedes Viano/V Class W447 into a dynamic sports car. The exterior includes: Front skirt Side skirts Rear skirt Fender flares Brabus logo for tailgate Brabus logo for the side of the car  Brabus Wheels and Tires Brabus Wheels The Brabus wheels and suspension add an elegant look to the Mercedes Viano/V Class W447. With plentiful options to select from

3 03, 2017

ABT Upgrades The Skoda Kodiaq RamSpeed

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ABT just upgraded the Skoda Kodiaq and the experts that the output seems pretty good. With a huge number of modifications performed, ABT has totally transformed the Skoda Kodiaq. Here’s what they have come up with. Interior: The interior is carefully designed with selected materials. The most highlighted of all is the ABT integrated entrance lights. This is a set of 2 LED lights with ABT logo for front and passenger door. The door sills are a welcome sight. Wheels: Wheels were made in consideration with keeping it to the motorsport quality which can be used for normal usage and roads as well. ABT has installed high-performance rims paired with ABT sports wheels to the Skoda Kodiaq which is already a classic among 5-spoke sports rims. The look as good as they perform. The cast ABT DR, ABT ER-C, ABT-FR, ABT DR-C, ABT-GR. for the Skoda Kodiaq is available in 20 and 18-19inches respectively. They

5 02, 2017

Novitec Tuning Program for Maserati Levante RamSpeed

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Novitec, the renowned tuner for Italian cars has released extravagant tuning for Maserati Levante. Novitec has fitted the Italian 4x4 with a particularly powerful variant of the twin-turbo V-6 gasoline engine, which has raised the torque to 660 Nm and increased the gasoline engine performance to 363 kW / 494. Further enhancements include sporty elegant aerodynamic styling, 22-inch king-sized wheels, modified suspension and exclusive interiors. The specifications of the program are- Engine Massive power development and exclusive performance for a unique sports car form the base of the performance upgrade. Here are the engine options offered by Novitec Novitec N-Tronic (Based on Levante Diesel) Performance: 237kW (322 hp) / 3.800 rpm Max. torque: 680 Nm / 2.200 rpm 0-100 km/h: 6,2 sec Novitec N-Tronic (Based on Levante V6) Performance: 363kW (494 hp) / 5.300 rpm Max. torque: 660 Nm / 1.700-4.900 rpm 0-100 km/h: 4,8 sec Exhaust The diesel versions of the Levante also have