21 08, 2016

Range Rover Evoque AR 8 Enhancement by Arden RamSpeed

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Arden, a German tuner of Range Rover, Jaguar, Land Rover, Bentley and classic vehicles presents the latest styling enhancement for Range Rover Evoque AR 8. Features of Upgraded Range Rover Evoque AR 8 The Range Rover Evoque marks a bold evolution of Range Rover design. What makes the two-door Evoque such a fresh vehicle is that it has adopted the new interpretations of classic Range Rover design cues and stayed true to the core Range Rover values. The upgraded package called the AR8 City-Roader includes not only exterior enhancements but also performance modifications. The two-door version of the luxury SUV features a new aerodynamics kit with new front and rear aprons and illuminated side skirts. The illuminated sidebars fit perfectly into side light concept of the car and give your Evoque a dynamic appearance. Under the hood, Arden has boosted output of the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine by 30 hp for a grand total of 270-horsepower. For

25 04, 2016

Range Rover EVOQUE Body Kit by CARACTERE – TUV Approved Styling Enhancement

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As an exclusive importer of Caractere body enhancement kits, we are proud to announce Range Rover EVOQUE range of body kits are now TUV approved. Caractere Range Rover EVOQUE TUV Test Approved styling is now available across all Range Rover body kits made by Caractere and as the above YouTube video demonstrates, the kit is manufactured to the highest quality standard, utilising OEM materials like PU RIM. The highest quality of manufacture, means your investment in quality body kit is further secured by knowledge that your Range Rover is not jeopardised by inferior materials like fibreglass and can stand the test of time while enhancing your aerodynamics and improving the overall look of the car. Caractere provides a range of quality body styling and enhancement options for your German pride and joy. Their range of quality body components and kit, include models like VW, Audi, Porsche and of course Range Rover.   RamSpeed supports our body

28 05, 2015

Range Rover Evoque Caractere Conversion Kit

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Caractere has recently revealed plans to release a conversion kit for the Range Rover Evoque. The kit is made of PU Rim and includes a front bumper, rear bumper, roof spoiler add on and graphite light alloy CW1 wheels in 20 to 22″.  

16 10, 2013

Range Rover Evoque Adaptive Coilover Kit by KW Automotive

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KW Automotive has created an adaptive KW DDC ECU coilover suspension kit for the Range Rover Evoque. Developed specifically for vehicles without active regulating standard suspensions, it offers driving modes such as Comfort, Sport and Sport+. The comfort mode adjusts the comfort of the damper settings independantly from the vehicle speed. The sport mode will amplfy the driving dynamics of the Evoque and there is even more to come from the sport + mode. If the kit is extended with a wireless module, the modes can be adjusted with an iPhone app. The app allows adjustment of the front and rear axle dampers seperately to suit personal preferences. The adjustments can be made continuously within the safety requirements of the Range Rover Evoque. The app can also store up to 5 setups and makes suspension adjustment simple. The KW DDC ECU Coilover kit for Range Rover Evoque. The KW DDC button