6 09, 2016

AC Schnitzer Facelift Program for BMW 7 Series F01/F02 RamSpeed

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The new AC Schnitzer modified BMW 7 series F01/F02 comes with motorsport characteristics. As per AC Schnitzer Chief Designer Michele Viandante, the latest version is the most dynamic of all the 7-series models ever. The new tuning program for F01/F02 pays attention to the sporting traits of the saloon in specific areas. Upgrades for BMW 7 Series F01/F02 Beginning with the front section, it has been enhanced by a new air spoiler feature. Made up from durable, well-fitting PU-RIM, it lengthens the look of the car and gives it a faster appearance. The sides have also got stunning enhancements. The result is a seamless combination of elements. The third part at the rear the skirts are widened to provide car a beefier appearance. The side skirts attachment give emphasis to the wheelbase of the car. BMW 7 series F01/F02 comes with two exclusive exhaust channels that merge together in a chromed trapezoid trim. Also, AC

14 08, 2012

AC SCHNITZER Program for the F02 7 Series

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ACS7 Sedan F01 / F02 are the internal works codes for the new 7-series. The combination sounds like motorsports, but is this title adequate for a big luxury saloon? Anyone who's seen the big BMW in AC Schnitzer trim will certainly answer this with an unambiguous "Yes". Performance Upgrades Engine tuning and performance upgrades have a long tradition at AC Schnitzer. To be on the safe side however, we prefer not to extract the maximum possible power but instead ensure greater robustness, which means a longer life of the engine. Many of our diesel performance upgrades are therefore designed for an increase in torque rather than an increase in horsepower. Because torque is what you feel when for example you're "pressed back in the seat" on pulling away. The new 7-series has plenty of power under the bonnet in every version, even when the music's playing at the back. The sight of AC Schnitzer tailpipes

13 08, 2012

AC Schnitzer Program For The BMW 7 Series F01 / F02

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BMW 7 Series F01 / F02 The AC Schnitzer BMW 7 Series is known for its muscular frame and power. The 750i power kit (currently in preparation) will increase output from 326 HP to 360 HP, and is backed by AC Schnitzer's supplemental warranty. For advanced driving dynamics, AC Schnitzer has developed suspension spring kits. The result is a lowering of 25mm and boosts its ability to handle corners. The exterior design accents its original elegance and boasts side skirts, a widened rear third, a subtle boot spoiler and rear roof spoiler. The latest aluminum cover, designed for the BMW i-Drive system, AC Schnitzer aluminum pedals and foot rests, and velour floor mats round out the look.