14 08, 2012

AC SCHNITZER Program for the F07 5 Series GT

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ACS5 Sport Touring Comfort meets Power: Grand Tour with the 5-series GT by AC Schnitzer "Gran Turismo“ means "Grand Tour", and this is the principle behind the 5-series GT by AC Schnitzer. Driving comfort and performance at the highest level - that's the promise from the 5-series GT by AC Schnitzer - a promise which is guaranteed to be kept on the next "Grand Tour" Performance Upgrades Engine tuning and performance upgrades have a long tradition at AC Schnitzer. To be on the safe side however, we prefer not to extract the maximum possible power but instead ensure greater robustness, which means a longer life of the engine. Many of our diesel performance upgrades are therefore designed for an increase in torque rather than an increase in horsepower. Because torque is what you feel when for example you're "pressed back in the seat" on pulling away. Yet the 5-series GT by AC Schnitzer doesn't just

3 08, 2012

AC Schnitzer Progam For The BMW 5 Series GT F07

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BMW 5 Series F10 Sedan by AC Schnitzer The BMW 5-series GT has further refined and reinterpreted all Gran Turismo attributes. The result is a unique vehicle category. And naturally AC Schnitzer is devoting all its know-how to the development of a complete AC Schnitzer range for the new BMW 5-series GT. The range will include performance upgrades, sports rear silencers and tailpipes, suspension optimisation, aerodynamic components and accessories for the interior.