3 07, 2012

Novitec Rosso Program For Ferrari F360 and F360 Spider

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Ferrari F360 Spider with Novitec Rosso front bumper bar installed. Novitec Rosso 19" centerlock wheels and 19" 5 lug wheels installed on the Ferrari F360. Ferrari F360 Spider with Novitec Rosso side panels, rear wing, 19" alloy wheels performance braking system. Novitec Rosso Ferrari F360 Spider with front add-on lip spoiler. Novitec Rosso Ferrari F360 with rear wing, carbon fiber rear grille, black tail lights, stainless twin 90mm exhaust tips, and rear diffusor. Detailed view of carbon grille and blackout rear tail lights on Ferrari F360 Spider. Novitec Rosso Refines the Ferrari F360 Modena Novitec Rosso's F360 blends stringent German design and development with the sublime aesthetics of Italian artistry. Options for the F360 include aerodynamics, ultra-light and resilient carbon components for the engine, interior, and exterior, powerful braking systems, sports suspension, stainless steel sport exhaust, and 19" center locking or 5-lug alloy wheels. For the engine, a twin supercharger increases

21 05, 2012

RamSpeed Putty Road Drive – Exotic Cars

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Early morning Rouse Hill McDonalds Beautiful Yellow Ferrari Very rare and georgeous Lamborghini Miura RamSpeed pit stop, Blue Gum Caffe on Putty Rd Red Maserati RamSpeed Group shot, Ferrari F360, F355, Lamborghini's, Porsche, Maserati Ferrari F360 with Novitec and Hamann goodies incl nose lift system. This Maserati is a gem! RamSpeed boys The morning weather was just perfect! Any colour is a good colour on an Italian exotic Immaculate Porsche 997 GT3 RamSpeed tattoo. A new trend? Wow! George's Ferrari team More Ferraris! The brand new Gallardo Lamborghini Murcielago & Co.

14 02, 2012

Ferrari F360 Spider Twin Supercharged by Novitec Germany & Ramspeed Australia

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First of this type in Australia, Ferrari F360 Spider twin supercharged by Novitec & Ramspeed. Upgrade also includes, ECU tuning, Novitec performance exhaust upgrade, custom forged wheels installation, Novitec aerodynamic front bumper bar and an aerodynamic rear wing. Ferrari F360 Spider with Novitec aerodynamic front bumper bar and rear wing installed. Novitec performance exhaust system for Ferrari F360 Spider. Detailed view of Novitec exhaust installed on Ferrari F360 Spider. Ferrari F360 Spider to be upgrade with Novitec twin supercharger and ECU tuning. Novitec Rosso twin supercharger upgrade on Ferrari F360 Spider, with over 600 HP. Detailed view of Ferrari F360 Spider with Novitec twin supercharger installed. Rear view of Ferrari F360 with Novitec Rosso sticker on rear wing and Ramspeed tattoo on the side of the car. Complete interior upgrade including carbon fibre accessories and Suede leather/carbon steering wheel on Ferrari F360 Spider. Ferrari F360's OEM brake discs and calipers, to be