3 07, 2012

Ferrari F430 Scuderia, Novitec NF3 Wheels

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Ferrai F430 Scuderia with Novitec upgrades including Novitec NF3 wheels. Novitec Ferrari F430 Scuderia with NF3 wheels installed, you can see the yellow Novitec brake calipers in the background. Interior view of Novitec Ferrari F430 Scuderia.  

2 07, 2012

Novitec Ferrari F430 – Supersport Bi-Compressor Kit

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Novitec Ferrari F430 - SUPERSPORT Bi-Compressor Kit Ferrari F430 with Novitec Supersport Bi-Compressor Kit installed. Rear view of Ferrari F430 with Novitec rear wing and rear diffuser. Ferrari F430 with complete leather interior.